Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh NO! Not The Hat!!!

Buddy here. I am not happy with what my humans have done to me now. Why do they think I like this hat? Oh well, Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

What's This White Stuff?

Buddy wants to know, who turned off the big glowing thingie in the sky? And what is this white stuff? Never had any of this in Florida! It makes me want to run around the yard and act all goofy!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

They Love Me!

Buddy here. Megan, the human kid that I live with, graduated from college Saturday. So I appropriately snucky right up and got myself into the family picture. I think they love me!!!

P.S. Yes, Buddy we do love you, but don't get too comfortable yet! You are looking for a home,remember?

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sadie got her hot pink stitches out today. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving day. Sadie and Tony. She is so rotten. We also delivered a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to our favorite vet staff! They are so wonderful, can't say enough about them.

Update on Jax...he will definitely be going to Hawaii. He only has until December 24th, then he can fly. We haven't had any luck getting him moved. I thought I had lost communication with his family, but it seems they were without internet connection for a while. I don't really know why they couldn't find the time to call me. We decided we could make it with him another 4 weeks. I mean, moving him won't bring Dixie back, so we might as well. He wears his muzzle all the time, just as a precaution. His paperwork has been approved by the Department of Agriculture of Hawaii, so we just have to wait until he gets his wings! I know, I am crazy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missing my girl...

My daughter was going through some of her old pictures and found this one taken a couple of years ago. I seem to be missing my Dixie more and more...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sadie's News

Sadie wants to let everyone know that those pesky lumps that they took off are no big deal! Finally, some good news. The one on her hind leg was just a cyst. The one on her bald butt, is more or less, an infected hair. Since she had two other places removed earlier this year that were mast cell tumors, they took good margins, just in case. Let's hope this is it for a while!

I really want to thank my friends for all their support. You don't know how much your kind words have meant to me these past weeks.

Still In A Funk

My friends, I am still reeling from the loss of my Dixie girl. This blog started out to be my way of documenting my fosters and my personal greyhounds. Something I would have to look back on, a kind of history.

But these days, I am mostly uninspired. I find myself wanting to withdraw from everything. I am very active with my local adoption group. I am Secretary, Adoption Representative and foster mom. But I must admit, that I have my letter of resignation already written up and saved on my computer. I keep waiting to send it. I don't want to do anything that seems rash.

I also find myself not trusting the 2-leggeds any longer. I took Jax in so his family could keep him when they moved to Hawaii. Now 8 days later, I have lost communication with them. Please, dear God, don't tell me you are going to leave me with him. Not much support from my own group either. While this was not a foster situation when I took him in, I just thought I might get some personal support.

Sorry to make this sound like a pitty party, but I guess it is of sorts. This week also found me taking my Sadie to the vet. Last February, she had 2 spots removed that contained mast cells. They got clean margins when they were removed, but one spot was a little more advanced than the other. Long story short, Sadie had 2 more spots removed Tuesday. Now we are waiting for those results.

So keep your fingers crossed that Jax's family doesn't leave me high and dry. Not once while I was in communication did they offer a red cent toward Dixie's surgery bill. Not once. Feeling a little jaded today...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laid To Rest

I am still trying to take in the events of the past 9 days. We brought our girl home to be laid to rest today. I snapped this picture several weeks ago while I was home for lunch. The backyard was her favorite place to be. Always finding a stuffy and chasing the squirrels and deer! When I picked her up at the vet, they brought me a clay impression of her paw print that they made for us. They have been so kind to me and my girl. It helps to know that while she was in their care that they gave her lots of love.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Update on Jax

Well, I am still waiting on the family to get Jax out of my home. The latest news is that the group he came from, the president is in the hospital dying of cancer. Her sister is going from east of Louisville to St. Louis to take some of her personal dogs home with her. She said possibly Jax could hitch a ride with her. It seems someone over in that area has volunteered to watch him. So I can't really get an answer from Jax's family as to whether he is still going to Hawaii or if they are surrendering him. I am a little upset by this, but alas, I came to the conclustion that I can't save the world. I do feel bad for him, but he needs to leave. Not that he is a bad dog, I don't think that at all. He is a dog. But everytime I look at him, he is just another reminder of that fateful day...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She's gone...

I had to make a very tough decision this morning, and I hope I don't have to do this again for a very long time. I let my girl go. No more pain or suffering.
This picture was taken of Dixie on her first Christmas with us. She loved her stuffies. She had them strategically placed in the back yard so when she ran out the door, she would grab one up and start shaking it. If someone had moved her stuffie, she would run around the yard until she could find another one. What a funny girl she was!
Went in for bandage change this morning and her abdominal wound had opened up even more. Doc said the only way to fix it was surgery. Now with the diagnosis of Osteocarcoma, I had already made up my mind that this wasn't going to be an option. These horrific events of the past week have left me scarred for life. Also, has made me do some serious soul searching. To say that I am bitter, is kind of an understatement right now.
This picture was taken of Dixie this past August on her 10th birthday! Stuffies were never far from her reach! She would shake them and give them the what for! I hope there is an endless supply of stuffies in heaven girl! Run free, until we meet again...

This Sucks...

Found out Monday, Dixie has osteocarcoma. I am angry, exhausted, so many emotions. To top it all off, she has all the wounds. One in particular on her abdomen is not doing well. The skin was so traumatized that it is breaking down. I am heartbroken...

Friday, November 5, 2010


To say that it has been a hell of a week around here would be an understatement. Stick with me friends...

Monday, I had decided that since Dixie'slimp had returned, I would schedule her for an x-ray under sedation. All you greyhound lovers out there know that a limp can be a bad sign.

Dixie goes to the vet, gets her x-ray. They find 2 suspicious spots and are sending the films to be read by a specialist. Next, is when my life as I know it changed..

We come home and I let her outside first. Bring my other 2 dogs out and Jax. Someone had an accident by the back door, so I go to get a towel to come back to find Jax and Dixie in the throes of the worst dog fight I have ever seen. Mind you, when there are multiple dogs out in the yard, I normally don't step away from the door.

So, off I run, trying to get them apart. What happens next will scar my psyche for the remainder of my life. They are both in kill mode. I can't get them separated. I can see Dixie's wounds, gaping and bleeding. But they don't stop. I grab a tail and am drug across the yard. I am grabbing at collars, anything, dear God please let it stop. Finally, not sure how, I get Jax into the pole barn. My other 2 dogs slip in the back door which didn't get shut all the way. I see Dixie slink into the house.

I find her in her safe spot, the closet. Bleeding from her wounds. This whole time I am trying to get them apart I am trying to get anyone on my phone to try to help me. It just kept going to the navigation part. I am falling and stumbling while I am trying to get them apart as well. It is 12:01,lunch time for the vet. I get through by some miracle and they say they will be waiting for me.

I am met by three of the most caring veterinarian staff that you could ask for. They sweep her out of the van and start working on her. Four hours later,she is out of surgery. Drain tubes, staples, stitches. The other dog, Jax, in unscathed.

So, I see myself injured as I fly to the vet. My wounds can wait. But they insist I got to get treatment. Puncture wound on the left palm. Index finger on the right hand is sliced open at the knuckle. No stitches, just steri-strips. They need to leave it open to drain. They tell me it will get ugly. Boy were they right.

Went to visit with my girl this morning and she lifts her head and gives me a kiss. Please send some white light for my Dixie today. Of all the things, now we also have to wait for the radiologist to call back. I probably will bring her home tomorrow.

For Jax, his owners are still trying to help get him relocated. They haven't made it to Hawaii yet, they are still in Portland. Hopefully,they will get this taken care of. One thing they said is to give him back to the group he came from. WHAT? I am still trying to make sense out of all of this. If only...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Howl-o-ween

Sadie here and I just wanted to show you pictures from last week's costume contest at the Greytfest.
This is me...can you guess what I am supposed to be? A bat of course!
This is my cousin Boris and he is a Marine. Our grandpa (2-legged one) was a Marine, so this was a tribute to him. Guess what, Boris won! There were lots of creative ideas too, but at least someone in the family got the prize!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Buddy 1 - Rabbits 0

Buddy here. You know how my mom says I ain't the brightest crayon in the box? Well, guess what? This morning, I proved her wrong. I done caught me a rabbit! Went out to do my business, you know what I mean. Saw something moving about and I'm off and running! Dumb rabbit didn't stand a chance with my lightening speed and all. Guess that will teach him a thing or three! Hope his friends learned them a valuable lesson. Stay out of the yard with 5 greyhounds in it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Why do my hoomans take stoopid pictures of me when I am sleeping? Would they like it if I took a picture of them when they were sleeping, like say, with drool running down their faces?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Nice Fall Day

Here is my Dixie girl enjoying a nice sunny fall day. Almost looks like she is smiling!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Little Pumpkin

This was Sadie this time last year. Battling toe woes. Thank goodness we are not facing that again. I just love this picture of my little girl, the vet techs got creative with the bandage after a while!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pardon Me While I Complain!

Okay folks, here it goes. One of my pet peeves...purse dogs. Now I love dogs, don't get me wrong. All dogs big and small. But when you start discriminating against the big dogs, better back up off me! Here's my story.

Everywhere I go anymore, there are little dogs tucked in purses, shopping carts, etc. How does this happen when there are signs on the doors that say specifically "service dogs only"? So yesterday I was at Goodwill. In comes this lady with a tiny Yorkie puppy. Everyone, including the manager, is fussing over the little furball. Indeed it was cute. So I decide, I am going to stick my foot in my mouth. I go over to the manager and say "can I bring my dog in?". Sure, she says. Well, then she proceeds to say if it is a small dog, that is. WTF??? My dog isn't small, but why can't I bring her in? Well, you know big dogs make messes! Lady, you did it now. You done pissed momma off. My dogs are not messy. As a matter of fact, lady, my dogs probably don't make as much mess as your little purse dog and are probably way more quiet! I told her, that's not fair! If the sign says no dogs, then it means no dogs. PERIOD.

Okay...I'm climbing down from my soap box now, cause I could go on for days. People, stop hatin' on the big dogs!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creature Comforts

Buddy here. Just wanted to tell you guys what I did yesterday. My mom kept telling me how adorable I was. You know, us guys like our big comfy chairs and such. Well, I decided I didn't like the pillow on mom's chair. I thought it would look better on my bed! So, went over and picked it up with my teeth. Very gently, mind you. Drug it over to my bed, and rested my weary head on it! Now who says I ain't smart?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If I Was a Football Player...

Buddy here. My foster mom keeps calling my a big dumb football player (sorry to any of you football fans out there). What the heck does that mean anyway?

First a little history. Way back when, like January 2009, when I was still working for the money...there was this ice storm (so my mom tells me). The trees got so heavy with ice, that they fell over onto the fence here at the retirement home. The fence post snapped off at the ground, so dad just stands it back up. You know, a quick fix. Now if the wind blows really hard, the fence will kind of lean over. But, hey, you just go out and stand it back up. I know, you are thinking, sheesh, it has been almost 2 years. Why hasn't he fixed that darn fence yet? Well, my foster dad is so busy doing stuff for everyone else, that's why!

So here's the newest trick that retirment life has played on me. The other morning, I trot out into the yard to do my "business". All of a sudden, I see this 4-legged thing standing there. Well, that's all she wrote folks! I take off, like a shot reaching top speed! You know, it don't take long for us hounds to get it moving when we want to. Well, you see that fence post in that picture there?

Yep, I run smack into it! Knocked the fence down even. Hmmm, maybe that's why mom says I am a football player, cause if I had my helmet on...oh well. Now the rest of the story. Then, the rest of those copy-cats come running and barking their fool heads off. Meanwhile, the deer takes off into the woods. But, the funniest part, my mom comes running out flailing her arms and screaming at us! Picture this, she is in her pajamas!!!! Good thing we live in the country, cause could you imagine what the neighbors would think if we had any?

Anyway, dad fixed the fence that night! How's that for service? But then I did hear mom talking into that thing she holds up to her ear. Good thing no one got out of the yard, cause we would have just kept going till we caught that deer!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time

Sadie here. Mom keeps talking all this mumbo jumbo about pumpkins. Ahhh, takes me back to last year when I dislocated my toe. That was a horrible day, by the way. After countless trips for bandage changes, the girls at the vet's office decided to get creative and make a pumpkin out of my orange bandage! They love me there!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beagle Buddy

Hi there! My name is Beagle Buddy, but my friends call me Buddy. I came to stay at this crazy place after Show Doggie got his home. Now here I am waiting for my turn. I am quite the handsome devil, aren't I?

My new mom keeps talking something about a shed and sharp tools...not sure what that means. I think it has something to do with me and those stupid bands she puts on my belly. I don't understand why I can't just potty when I have to! Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go, right?

Listen to this, it is pretty funny. At night, mom and dad go down to their room. There is this HUGE dog bed down there. Although, I don't know why they sleep in it, it's for dogs right? First, I must make sure that Dixie isn't in the HUGE bed, she doesn't share at all. Then I jump right up there between the pillows and curl up into a tiny ball. Maybe mom and dad won't notice I'm there. Then once I get sleeping good, I just kind of sprawl out! Next thing you know, I am stretched out and really comfy!!! It would be nice if they would upgrade from a queen size to king though!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Annual Greytfest

Gearing up for the annual Greytfest! If you are involved in any kind of rescue, you know there has to be fundraising. Unfortunately, money does not fall from the sky! Our group GPA Tri-State is having our annual Greytfest on October 23, 2010. I say "it's like a family reunion for the pups". Good food, live auction, silent auction, half-pot, games and lots of vendors. We are kind of picky though, greyhounds only. Not that we don't love other hounds, we do. For more info go to

Friday, September 10, 2010

Belly Bands

Today I want to talk about Belly Bands. You know, for the bad boys in your life. When I volunteered to take care of Jax while he in quarantine, I wasn't used to a boy who liked to lift his leg on everything in sight. My boys have always been so well mannered. Well, for the most part they behave. I have had boy dogs before, so why didn't I think about belly bands before now? DUH!!!

I tried to make some myself. Using an old towel, I whipped one up, just to experiment. Then I went and bought some terry cloth and used up some of my stash to make a couple more. I still wasn't happy with the outcome. So, next stop e-Bay, of course. After lots of search, this is what I found.

Pretty adorable, huh? Well, for a belly band anyway. I made my bid and won. Not only one, but 3 belly bands. I had e-mailed the seller with the measurements and she whipped them up today and got them in the mail. Talk about customer service. So I wanted to give Juanita a shout out and promote her website. Cute, huh? I can't wait to get them!

Be sure and stop by and visit all these greyt Pet Blog Hop Participants!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Show Doggie Is Getting Adopted!

Good news! Show Dog got adopted tonight. Super nice family, just lost their grey a couple of weeks ago. They like BBB (Big Black Boys)! This family couldn't stand an empty nest, so they wanted him yesterday. We will miss him, but the show must go on!

Meet Beagle Buddy aka Buddy. Isn't he handsome? Not much to report yet. He has only been here a couple of hours!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hmmm, You Don't Say...

Say what? Is it Saturday already? Dixie here. Yes, it's true, it is time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. Make sure and visit some greyt pet blogs! There is talk about all kinds of pets. Lots of talk about dogs, although I don't personally know anything about that. My mom refers to me as the QUEEN BEE!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Visitor

Hi there. My name is Jax. Sorry, but I am feeling kind of blue right now. My family is moving to Hawaii and I can't go with them yet. Mommy found this lady named Michelle who said she would take care of me until I can fly on the airplane to Hawaii. So, Friday, my family loaded up the van with all my stuff and brought me to her house. It's okay here, but I miss all my kids, all four of them. It is so quiet here. Kind of scary without my family. I am in "quarantine" right now. So I have a Christmas be reunited with my family.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Meet & Greet & Meat

Show Doggie here. Enough of that story about those other pups. They have their home, I don't.

So, today I hear my foster mom talking about meetin' and greetin'. I have no idea what she is rambling about. Something about pets being first, blah, blah, blah. Oh, got it now, we are going to Pets First in Newburgh. That foster mom of mine thinks she is being real sly by putting the leash under her shirt. LOL. Them other dogs will catch on to that real quick. But, somehow we manage to get out the door without them!

Uh oh! What is that big white box with wheels she is trying to get me into? No way. Uh uh, I ain't real crazy about that. Let's just turn around and go back in the house. I mean, what was wrong with me just laying around on my bed? I was perfectly happy. Why do I need to meet and greet anyone? This house is fine with me. I mean, seriously, after 10 hours in the other box with wheels and sharing my kennel with that other beast, why would I want to get back in the box?

Short wresting match, but mom wins. Away we go. Short ride, just like she promised. Okay, so far, so good. The box stops, so I guess we are here. Let me out, let me out! I am feeling a little claustrophobic in here. Good, here comes mom. She barely gets the door open a crack and I see freedom!

Happily making my way to the front door...hang on just a second, I think someone is following me. I can see him over my shoulder. He is a handsome fellow though. Quite the looker. Why it is another black dog just like me. Did I mention he is pretty good looking? Thump! Bump! That isn't another dog, just my reflection. Mom says those are the doors. Ooops, silly me, I knew that.

Holy dog biscuits! I think I died and went to heaven. There is rows and rows of all kinds of good smells. Treats, dog food, toys...oh my! Wait, there is the aisle with all the really big bones in it. Oh my doG! Then there is this really nice lady who keeps giving me treats. Wait a second, there is another dog to keep me company. I wish I could whistle, cause man, ain't she a looker? Tiny little waist, big brown eyes, long legs...okay, snap out of it man! Stop drooling!!! They call her Sable and she is a beauty!

But wait, I ain't even got to the the best part yet. This meet & greet place is right next door to a meat market! Now I know I must surely be in heaven. Skip the meet & greet and get me to the meat market! I heard someone else say dogs aren't allowed in there. Well that's fine, 'cause I don't think I am like these things they call dogs anyway! The next 3 hours I keep trying to work my way to the door. That foster mom of mine must be on to my ways though, 'cause she keeps my leash real tight. Dang it! I can see the case of meat that must be a mile long!!! I can't lay down and take a break, I might miss my chance to get that meat. Plus, there are people that want to pet me and give me lovin'! I got so worked up about that meat, I forgot I was here to try to find someone to fall in love with me!

Finally, someone says time is up. So, being the gentleman that I am, I help my foster mom pack up the greetin' suitcase and...wait a second...she is shoving me back in that big white box again! How did this happen? Oh well, I have been on my feet for almost 3 hours now, forget it. That down feather topper inside the box is pretty comfy after all.

So I drag my weary bones into the house and barely make it to the nearest dog bed...what a day! I am exhausted!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Seven Years Ago Today...

KD Tom Sawyer. The greyhound who started it all. Literally. My first greyhound. The first adoptee of GPA Tri-State. The first of many greys who have passed through our doors.
A little history. On Tom's first night with us, he spent 14 hours in his kennel. We couldn't get him out for anything. Finally, we literally had to take the kennel and tip it. He had no choice but to come out.

He would pace and walk in circles. When you let him out to potty, he would just run circles around the yard. I was so afraid he would just jump the fence. To get him to come in, he would lay down and you would have to go get him and lead him in by the collar. He wanted nothing to do with us. He would spend most of his time laying at the foot of the stairs.
I took Tom to PetsMart for a meet & greet. Of course, there were other greyhounds there. Oh my gosh, who is this dog I had with me? He was a different dog. It was quite obvious, he needed a companion. You bet I was on the phone with the president of the group telling her to get me another greyhound.

Then there were two. Ske's Dixie Judy, aka Dixie. She was everything Tom wasn't. Happy, tail wagging, kissing. A greyt compliment to my shy boy. Changes came in leaps and bounds. He was spending more time with us and making such progress!
Seven years later, Tom is a very happy boy. He is still shy and reserved, but he has come a long way. He now sleeps with us on occasion. Actually seeks out attention. Plays with toys. He is an absolute couch hog. But such a joy!
Happy Gotcha Day Tommy Boy!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Show Doggie here. These are 2 of my hew housemates Sadie (left) and Dixie (right). Aren't they cute? Yep, sure as heck are. NOT!!! They might look cute, but as I learned last night, don't mess with the bitches food. Now, I guess they don't understand that I am still trying to make up for the missed meal on Saturday. Well, either that, or they just don't care. I mean, all I wanted was a few pieces of their kibble that was hanging out on the floor. SNAP! SNARL!! YELP!!! (that's me, Show Doggie, doing the yelping). I mean, they share the couch, right? So surely they could spare a few pieces of kibble for a starving 2-year old? Anyway, no lasting marks, just some hurt feelings.

P.S. I got it! They were just trying to show me how pretty their teeth are!!! Now, I wouldn't say this to their face for fear of their wrath, but them teeth ain't nothing to show off!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

All In A Days Retirement

Show Doggie here. As you can see by my photo, I am exhausted. Just wanted to give you a peek at my day today. First of all, I didn't get any breakfast, not fair. They say it is best for such a long ride (wouldn't want anyone getting car sick or having the big D).

These really nice volunteers from GPA Emerald Coast drove from Pensacola, Florida to Bowling Green, Kentucky so I could get picked up by my new adoption group GPA Tri-State. They were so nice to us.

After waiting for almost 10 hours, the doors opened and could see our new friends! (I am the black one in the kennel on the left). I shared my kennel with Beagle Buddy, ain't I nice? Hey, it's the least I can do.

These guys are going to GPA Louisville. They will get to stretch and potty a bit later. All in all the accomodations were pretty nice. You know, a little carpet to lay on and air conditioning. Really, can't beat it.

Here is my pal, Breaker getting his collar and new identification tag on. Every dog needs proper identification, you know, in case we decide to go chasin' hares or something like that!
My pal Beagle Buddy. Don't know why my human at the other end of the leash didn't get any pictures of me though. Hmmmmh!
This guy, I mean dog...don't know his name, but all the 2-leggeds kept talking about his nose. I mean what's so special about it? Kept hearing some kind of reference to Rome or something like that. No biggie. Anyway, I am at my new digs now. Somewhere in Southern Indiana. Talk about miles under the belt. They call me the seasoned traveller now. Five states in one day. Pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. Now I gotta get some shut eye! Gettin' ready to charm some 2-leggeds into giving me a forever home!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Road Trip!

Hi! My name name is Coastly Showdog, but you can call me ShowDoggie. Not that I think it really fits me, but I don't know what would. I didn't like racing very much, so on to my next venture, RETIREMENT!!!
Right now, I live in the Panama City Florida area. But today I am getting ready for my road trip to Indiana. The hauler will pick me up during the night. Man, am I scared. Leaving my nice soft bed to ride in the tiny compartment of a hauler, ain't my idea of a good time. But, there are these nice people from GPA Tri-State who will be taking me to my final destination. INDIANA!! I have heard rumors that their van will be filled with soft beds and blankies. After that long trip on a bed made of straw, that sounds like heaven! I am trying not to be nervous, because I know they will love me like my last family!