Friday, August 27, 2010

Seven Years Ago Today...

KD Tom Sawyer. The greyhound who started it all. Literally. My first greyhound. The first adoptee of GPA Tri-State. The first of many greys who have passed through our doors.
A little history. On Tom's first night with us, he spent 14 hours in his kennel. We couldn't get him out for anything. Finally, we literally had to take the kennel and tip it. He had no choice but to come out.

He would pace and walk in circles. When you let him out to potty, he would just run circles around the yard. I was so afraid he would just jump the fence. To get him to come in, he would lay down and you would have to go get him and lead him in by the collar. He wanted nothing to do with us. He would spend most of his time laying at the foot of the stairs.
I took Tom to PetsMart for a meet & greet. Of course, there were other greyhounds there. Oh my gosh, who is this dog I had with me? He was a different dog. It was quite obvious, he needed a companion. You bet I was on the phone with the president of the group telling her to get me another greyhound.

Then there were two. Ske's Dixie Judy, aka Dixie. She was everything Tom wasn't. Happy, tail wagging, kissing. A greyt compliment to my shy boy. Changes came in leaps and bounds. He was spending more time with us and making such progress!
Seven years later, Tom is a very happy boy. He is still shy and reserved, but he has come a long way. He now sleeps with us on occasion. Actually seeks out attention. Plays with toys. He is an absolute couch hog. But such a joy!
Happy Gotcha Day Tommy Boy!


  1. It's amazing how your first Grey changes you isn't it? :)

  2. Passing through from the blog hop. Pleased to meet you!

  3. Woof! Woof! Great n Wonderful!!! Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Found you on the blog hop! Such beautiful greys!

  5. Gorgeous greyhounds! Just proves what a good home can do for a dog!

    Stop by from the blog hop. =)

  6. This is precious! I LOVE happy endings! You would love the post I did Friday-my Furbaby Friday feature was an etsy EFA teammate who rescued two greys-a real teary story! It's right below my guinea pig post. You would love it.
    I'm SO happy for Tom!

    Patty from the pet blog hop

  7. Hi, found you on the blog hop:-) Great to come across another Greyhound blog. Belated Happy Gotcha Day Tom