Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ulrick Update

Can you stand this much cuteness? I had to go out of town for about 5 days for my real job. We were going to the Gift Mart in Atlanta, so I decided to give my family a break. I had the president of the group find a temporary spot for Ulrick. Mo is chewing on his bone and Ulrick has his head laying on his back. Mo lost his buddy Lilly a few months back and it seems they are both enjoying each other's company. So now that I'm home, the family wants to continue to "foster" Ulrick. Keep your paws crossed that they fall in love with him and keep him!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My New Foster Pup

Meet Ulrick. Yes, I know, weird name. It is hard to get out of your mouth in a hurry too. But, I must abide by the foster rules and call him by his given name. If his new family wants, they can change it.

Ulrick came to our group from Greyhound Pets of America-Emerald Coast. He arrived on December 11, 2011. Of course, I'm sure he was wondering who turned off the heat. I know he was in a home previously. Not sure why they returned him. Aside from hiking his leg on the Christmas tree once, he is pretty much a gentleman. The pee accident was totally my fault though. I was ignoring his signals that he needed to potty. Since then, no accidents at all. He gets along good with my own hounds and totally ignores the cats. He also loves the grandbaby!

I figured I better get to moving and get this post up before Ulrick finds his forever home.

He kind of fell off of his cushion!