Saturday, August 29, 2015

Make A Wish...

And it just might come true!  Since February 7th, my wish was for Starfire to find a home for his birthday.  Well, last Friday. on his 5th birthday it happened.  VJ Starfire was adopted. These pictures were taken in the obligatory birthday hat here on Friday morning.  I miss him like crazy, but I'm glad he has his forever home!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tom's Anise Star

Today, I would like to share a little story with my friends...

On February 18. 2014 I was reflecting on my boy Tom.  It had been one year since he left me.  Out of the blue, I got a facebook message from a friend asking if I was home, she needed to talk to me.  When I answered the phone, she said she had a surprise for me.  This opportunity was for someone who she thought was special to her and asked if I was interested in naming a racing pup.  I fought back the tears and had this huge lump in my throat.  I said I would be honored.

So the waiting game began.  On July 4, 2014 I received an email with the subject line "naming the greyhounds...hope you are in town".    The content of the message was this "Black female..16 letter or spaces.  First choice,2nd and 3rd. If you use greyhound data check to insure the names have not been used in the last 10 years.Call me with any questions..need ASAP."  

I was frantic, how would I ever decide on a name?  And to come up with three choices.  Plus I would need to choose a call name.  I called on a few facebook friends to help me brainstorm on this project.  Most important in this decision, the name would somehow honor my Tom since I received the call on the anniversary of his passing. 

First thing that popped into my head, licorice.  Wow, how original was that?  Did a little research and came up with anise, which some manufacturers add to candy to give it a licorice-like flavor.  Second in my thinking was Tom's legacy.  Thirdly, I remembered how Tom loved his lady-dog friends.  So after much trial and error I came up with the following:

  1. Tom's Anise Star Call name Star
  2. Tom's Legacy Call name Lacey
  3. Tom's Shady Lady Call name Shala
About two months passed when I received the email wanting my address so I could receive a copy of the NGA sheet and that my first choice of name was chosen.  The NGA sheet was the next best thing to an actual photograph.  It showed her white spots and I at least had a visual in my head of what Star looked like.  Shortly after that, I checked greyhound data, and there she was!  

The next step to follow her racing career was to check out track info.  There I registered for an account so I could set up a virtual kennel.  I found the names of the other litter mates and placed their names in my virtual kennel.  Once you place a dog's name in your virtual kennel, you will receive e-mail notifications of upcoming races.  You will also receive an email telling you the results of the races.  

December 5, 2014 I received that email saying "The following greyhounds from your watchlist are entered in races: Tom's Anise Star, Naples, 12/05/2014, T, race 2, post #7."  Oh my gosh, her first official race.  I was nervous and excited.  I couldn't watch, how could I?  What if she stumbled?  Fell?  I have only seen one other race in my life and it was from the gift shop at Ebro.  After I find out the race is over and she finished, then I could watch the replay.  

Through the power of Facebook, I was able to connect with Vera Rasnake.  Her partner runs the Oxbow-Trow kennel which Star races for.  She sends me pictures and updates from time to time.  She also sent me a racing program from a race which she won.   
This tail is something else.  When you watch the replays, sometimes it's up there in the air like a rudder!
I am enjoying following this girl and her career.  It's been a learning experience figuring all this racing stuff out.  The one thing I have learned is that there are some awful nice folks in the racing industry.  They are responsible for bringing us the awesome pets we have when they retire to our couches.  

Today is Star's second birthday and she is racing in the 12th race at Flagler this afternoon.  I sent a special treat for her and I'm looking forward to getting a picture of the birthday girl.  Fast and safe sweetheart!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

VJ Starfire

VJ Starfire arrived here at Lazy Day's Greys on February 7, 2015. It had been a while since I had a dog straight from the track.  The first night was a bit rocky, but once the sun came up, it's like someone flipped a switch and he's been the perfect dog ever since.
Off and on I over the next few weeks, I would hear someone yelp from time to time.  With four dogs in the house, I was having trouble figuring out who it was.  One afternoon, I was sitting in my chair enjoying my favorite pass time of watching dogs sleep, when I saw Starfire try to get up and he yelped.  At first I thought it was static electricity from moving around on the dog bed.  But upon further observation, it seemed to be his neck.  Then I noticed the yelping more and more.  He would yelp from time to time when getting up from a laying position, playing with a stuffie or if someone would bump into him.

A vet appointment was scheduled with the vet that handles the group's foster dogs and x-rays made.  It appeared he was having some issues with the discs in his neck, but would need further tests to confirm this.  In the mean time he was on anti-inflamatories and seemed to be doing a little bit better.  Of course, until we could pinpoint the problem, he was on medical hold for adoption purposes.  This truly broke my heart as this is the sweetest boy ever.
The first trip to Louisville to the specialty clinic there was to determine what the plan would be.  After the doctor reviewed his x-rays and did a physical exam, it was decided that he would need a myelogram, ct scan and possibly a MRI to properly diagnose his issue.  We were leaving to go out of town the next day, so it was decided to wait and do the testing when we returned.  Evidently with a myelogram, they like to keep them at the clinic for a few hours to make sure there is no reaction to the dye that they use.  We made the appointment for Starfire for a couple of weeks later and were to keep him quiet, use a harness and continue with this meds.  It was also made clear that if this was a disc issue, he would need surgery.

The morning of his appointment, I packed up his food (enough for several days), his meds and a blanket for him.  We were fully expecting to be leaving him for surgery as he was still having issues from time to time.  We just needed to get this boy better.  So the president of the group and I drop him off and hang around Louisville to play the waiting game.  But instead of getting a call that he was heading to surgery, we get the call to come back to consult with the doctor.  We were both nervous.

Doc showed us the imaging from the myelogram and ct scan.  He said the discs were okay, but needed to get a confirmation from the radiologist.  It seems that whatever the particular problem was, it was just an abnormality for Starfire.  There was definitely something there, but it wasn't a tumor.  That was ruled out by the radiologist.  So, while we really don't have an exact answer, we know that he is better.  Since his testing was done, he's been fine, knock on wood.  I can say that I have heard him yelp twice.  He is currently on tramadol, as needed when he exhibits pain.  It is the weirdest thing.

This boy is the best boy though.  He will be 5 years old on August 21st.  Loves everyone, but really adores children.  He raced 127 races and his last race was on September 21, 2014.  I was very lucky to be able to connect with the lady who worked with him at Pensacola.  I asked her if there was anything special I needed to know about Starfire.  Her response, guard your heart, because he will take it with you when he goes.  Boy, is that the truth.  But, my hope for him is a forever home for his birthday.

Monday, May 25, 2015

On The Road Again

Heading for Gatlinburg for Mountain Hounds!

Photo courtesy of  GFNC

Friday, May 15, 2015


This is one of my favorite pictures from vacation.  It is my footprint next to Clareese's in the sand.  It's from my phone, so the quality isn't great, but I love it anyway.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Road Trip!

Me, the three pups and the husband are heading out for vacation on Saturday.  We found a cute little dog-friendly cottage to rent in Orange Beach, Alabama.  On Wednesday we will head over to Pensacola to get ready for GPA Emerald Coast's Event.  We will be gone for 10 days.  This will be our first family vacation with three greyhounds.  Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Welcome Back Home Clareese!

As soon as she left here in September, I said if she ever came back, bring her and bring the adoption papers.  However, I really was hoping that things would turn out different for Clareese.  Sadly, Clareese's new dad lost his battle with cancer last month.  She came back here and it was like she never left.  She walked in the door, went right to her feeding spot and then came and jumped on the couch and snuggled in my lap.  I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to make sure things worked out, and it seems it has. 
 My constant shadow, never far from whatever I'm doing.
 We made it official tonight and signed the papers.
It's interesting how things work out.  I was so sad that her dad passed away, he loved her so much.  But I guess he needed her more than I did for those few months...

Wordless Wednesday...a day late

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hound Haul 2.7.15

On February 7th, GPA Tri-State welcomed 3 new retirees to our group.  Normally we have to drive several hours to meet the hauler, but this time they agreed to deliver the hounds closer so folks in our group could see what all the hype is about a dog haul.
The volunteers from GPA Emerald Coast located in Pensacola, Florida delivered 7 hounds to Nashville first.  Next stop, Owensboro, Kentucky.  Norm, the chauffeur, stepping out of the van.
 First out, VJ Starfire, my newest foster.
Starfire is sticking out his tongue!
 This dark brindle beauty is Adam Lambert.
 Getting some love from all the spectators.
 I was trying to get Starfire interested in getting a drink of water.
 Norm is showing me how to check for ticks.  Those little buggers like to get in between their toes.
 Group shot of some of our volunteers. 
Starfire finally passed out after a couple of hours at our house.  He is a gorgeous brindle boy and such a good dog.  Welcome to retirement!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tom's Foster Journal

This month marks two anniversaries for me.  My Brett passed away on February 20, 2008 and Tom passed away February 18, 2013.  Part of the reason I started this blog was to have a history of my personal dogs and foster dogs.  I am going to post a series of things to document a bit of Tom's history.  I have enjoyed revisiting these stories.  Yes, I have shed a few tears too.
This picture was taken of Tom in his foster home.  I had bought this bed for him and his foster mom took it to her house so he could lay on it and have something with his scent on it when he came home to us.

The following is the journal that Tom's foster mom kept:

Tom’s foster journal (KD Tom Sawyer)

Sunday, August 17, 2003 - Tom and I made it home in the middle of the evening. He was tired and stressed from his trip. He did fine with all my other pets. Actually, he barely looked at them. He was too busy pacing around the yard, and then the house.

He's doing tons of pacing and panting while he adjusts. He's ignored the cats other than a very quick sniff, and he turned away from them immediately when I told him to leave it. While he toured the house incessantly, Clover and Darrin were right on his heels keeping him company. It was cute, but it sure is hard for a person to move around when there are 3 big dogs constantly underfoot. Hattie was in her usual corner on her favorite bed, and let him know with a warning bark if he got too close. He respected her and left the vicinity. She'll adjust - she always does. Blackie is fine with him.

The only time Tom is still is when he's in his crate, and thankfully he slept there quietly last night. I kept him company on the living room couch. He hasn't tried to potty in the house once, so he may only have one more night in the crate before he can sleep in the
bedroom with the rest of us. As he settles in more we'll make very sure about the cat situation, too.

Monday, August 18 - Tom finally settled down for a few minutes at lunchtime. He laid on a rug next to the kitchen table where I was eating my lunch. He stayed curled up very tightly, obviously still uncertain, but it was so nice to see him be still.

Later in the evening he laid behind me while I was on the computer. He finally stretched out just a little bit, more evidence that he’s relaxing.

He ate a decent supper and got a bedtime snack as well.

I baby gated him in the living room with me to sleep. That worked for about an hour, when he jumped the baby gate as I suspected he might. He was still too restless to be still so I ended up crating him again. He settled right down and slept quietly all night.

Tuesday, August 19 - This morning he chose to stay in the crate (door open) while I worked out. I wasn't surprised since all my jumping around must have appeared scary to him. After that he was ready for breakfast. He didn't eat it all, but he ate enough.

He finally had enough food in his system to give me a fecal sample to take to the vet. It was negative.

This morning while I was getting ready for work, he came into my tiny bathroom and admired the handsome dog in the full-length mirror. He stayed in there for quite some time, so I petted him as much as I could while doing my make-up. I think he likes that room because it's so small.

He's taking treats from my hand now. Overall he's getting more relaxed. I've seen his ears perk up several times as he checks things out. He's looked at and sniffed the cats, but that's it.

He’s starting to do “drive-bys” now. When I’m doing something else and not paying any attention to him at all, he’ll walk by and give me the briefest touch with his nose, then he keeps on walking. Too cute!

Wednesday, August 20 - Tom slept in the bedroom with the rest of us. He was restless at first and I had to gate off part of the house to keep him in the back part of it, but he finally settled on his new bed and slept quietly.

Thursday, August 21 - Tom had his dental done today, and got a heartworm test. Everything went very well and he was glad to get back to my house. I offered him a few bites of food before bedtime since he’d not been able to eat breakfast, but he wasn’t interested.

Friday, August 22 - He was ready for breakfast this morning and ate enthusiastically.

Saturday, August 23 - Tom enjoyed your visit today. I was a little surprised at how quickly he calmed down and relaxed, but that’s a good sign. I’ve been telling him ever since then that he’ll be going to live with you in a few days.

Sunday, August 24 - I got a small start on brushing Tom’s teeth. I just slipped my finger in his mouth and ran it quickly over his teeth and gums. He looked surprised but didn’t fight me. I don’t think he’ll give me any troubles in that regard.

Monday, August 25 - Tom seemed interested in going for a walk today when I took my other dogs, so when I got back I put them in the house and let him in the back yard so I could leash him and take him for a brief walk. He seemed very spooked and I was puzzled until I realized I was wearing my sunglasses. He seemed a little uncertain while I was leashing him since this was something new, but we got out of the yard he really relaxed and enjoyed his walk.

I brushed Tom’s teeth with a toothbrush and some doggy toothpaste. I didn’t attempt to do a thorough job of it, just ran the toothbrush over his teeth quickly so he’d get used to the feeling. He liked the toothpaste.

Tuesday, August 26 - Tom and I went for another walk and he did even better.

He did well with getting his teeth brushed again and I did a more thorough job of it this time. He’s such a good boy.

Wednesday, August 27 - I keep telling Tom he’s going to his new home tonight. I’m excited for him, and for you. I know he’ll do fine once he gets settled in.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Holiday Dinner for the Hounds

The hounds at Lazy Day's Greys were asked by to review Merrick Classic Grain-Free Venison Holiday Stew.  Of course, we said YES!

Merrick's Venison Holiday Stew is chocked full of venison, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peas and red delicious apples, I used to swear I would never feed my dogs canned food, but this stuff really doesn't look or smell like most canned dog foods.  Some benefits of this food are it's grain-free recipe, enriched with vitamins and minerals, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and it's great for all ages and breed of dogs.  Of course, my dogs loved it and gobbled it right up!  Whenever Felicia comes to visit, her mom always packs at least one can of this for her to eat.  She has a funny tummy sometimes and can be a bit picky, but she loves the Venison Holiday Stew!

It wouldn't be Christmas without our annual Santa hat photo shoot.  If you are a hound at this house on Christmas, you must wear the hats and get your pictures taken.  Here's a few pictures from our Holiday Hoomiliations!

It was a crazy December around here and we are running a bit behind with our review.  We would like to thank for the opportunity to review great products that they carry.