Thursday, March 26, 2015

Welcome Back Home Clareese!

As soon as she left here in September, I said if she ever came back, bring her and bring the adoption papers.  However, I really was hoping that things would turn out different for Clareese.  Sadly, Clareese's new dad lost his battle with cancer last month.  She came back here and it was like she never left.  She walked in the door, went right to her feeding spot and then came and jumped on the couch and snuggled in my lap.  I wanted to wait a couple of weeks to make sure things worked out, and it seems it has. 
 My constant shadow, never far from whatever I'm doing.
 We made it official tonight and signed the papers.
It's interesting how things work out.  I was so sad that her dad passed away, he loved her so much.  But I guess he needed her more than I did for those few months...


  1. You said what I was thinking. Her Dad needed her and now her work is done and she is back home. You just loaned her out for a few months. ;-)
    She is a lucky girl having so many people who love her so much.

  2. Sad about her dad. Looks like Clareese is all about spreading her love around.

  3. I'm so glad that she has you to come home to, because not all greyhounds or other pets have someone to take over when their Mom/Dad can't do it anymore. So much love, she has!