Saturday, October 22, 2016

Vic Ferrari

Welcome Vic!  Vic Ferrari joined us as foster #32.  Vic had stayed with us once before when his previous foster mom went on a trip.  When the opportunity came up for him to come back here as a permanent foster, we couldn't resist.
Vic has a bit of a sad story.  His original mom, Sara, passed away in November 2014.  Vic is also a seizure dog and his mom sought him out as she was a sucker for the special needs pups.  His seizures are under control with his meds, but it will take the right person to want to adopt him.  So until then, he will be a permanent foster of our group.
Vic has fit in seamlessly around here.  Good with the cat and absolutely adores my grandson.  He's a big old goofy boy weighing in at 85 pounds.  He has a few corns and has a funny little run, but he's a joy to have around.