Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Howl-o-ween

Sadie here and I just wanted to show you pictures from last week's costume contest at the Greytfest.
This is me...can you guess what I am supposed to be? A bat of course!
This is my cousin Boris and he is a Marine. Our grandpa (2-legged one) was a Marine, so this was a tribute to him. Guess what, Boris won! There were lots of creative ideas too, but at least someone in the family got the prize!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Buddy 1 - Rabbits 0

Buddy here. You know how my mom says I ain't the brightest crayon in the box? Well, guess what? This morning, I proved her wrong. I done caught me a rabbit! Went out to do my business, you know what I mean. Saw something moving about and I'm off and running! Dumb rabbit didn't stand a chance with my lightening speed and all. Guess that will teach him a thing or three! Hope his friends learned them a valuable lesson. Stay out of the yard with 5 greyhounds in it!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Why do my hoomans take stoopid pictures of me when I am sleeping? Would they like it if I took a picture of them when they were sleeping, like say, with drool running down their faces?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Nice Fall Day

Here is my Dixie girl enjoying a nice sunny fall day. Almost looks like she is smiling!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Little Pumpkin

This was Sadie this time last year. Battling toe woes. Thank goodness we are not facing that again. I just love this picture of my little girl, the vet techs got creative with the bandage after a while!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pardon Me While I Complain!

Okay folks, here it goes. One of my pet peeves...purse dogs. Now I love dogs, don't get me wrong. All dogs big and small. But when you start discriminating against the big dogs, better back up off me! Here's my story.

Everywhere I go anymore, there are little dogs tucked in purses, shopping carts, etc. How does this happen when there are signs on the doors that say specifically "service dogs only"? So yesterday I was at Goodwill. In comes this lady with a tiny Yorkie puppy. Everyone, including the manager, is fussing over the little furball. Indeed it was cute. So I decide, I am going to stick my foot in my mouth. I go over to the manager and say "can I bring my dog in?". Sure, she says. Well, then she proceeds to say if it is a small dog, that is. WTF??? My dog isn't small, but why can't I bring her in? Well, you know big dogs make messes! Lady, you did it now. You done pissed momma off. My dogs are not messy. As a matter of fact, lady, my dogs probably don't make as much mess as your little purse dog and are probably way more quiet! I told her, that's not fair! If the sign says no dogs, then it means no dogs. PERIOD.

Okay...I'm climbing down from my soap box now, cause I could go on for days. People, stop hatin' on the big dogs!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Creature Comforts

Buddy here. Just wanted to tell you guys what I did yesterday. My mom kept telling me how adorable I was. You know, us guys like our big comfy chairs and such. Well, I decided I didn't like the pillow on mom's chair. I thought it would look better on my bed! So, went over and picked it up with my teeth. Very gently, mind you. Drug it over to my bed, and rested my weary head on it! Now who says I ain't smart?