Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sadie got her hot pink stitches out today. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving day. Sadie and Tony. She is so rotten. We also delivered a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to our favorite vet staff! They are so wonderful, can't say enough about them.

Update on Jax...he will definitely be going to Hawaii. He only has until December 24th, then he can fly. We haven't had any luck getting him moved. I thought I had lost communication with his family, but it seems they were without internet connection for a while. I don't really know why they couldn't find the time to call me. We decided we could make it with him another 4 weeks. I mean, moving him won't bring Dixie back, so we might as well. He wears his muzzle all the time, just as a precaution. His paperwork has been approved by the Department of Agriculture of Hawaii, so we just have to wait until he gets his wings! I know, I am crazy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Missing my girl...

My daughter was going through some of her old pictures and found this one taken a couple of years ago. I seem to be missing my Dixie more and more...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sadie's News

Sadie wants to let everyone know that those pesky lumps that they took off are no big deal! Finally, some good news. The one on her hind leg was just a cyst. The one on her bald butt, is more or less, an infected hair. Since she had two other places removed earlier this year that were mast cell tumors, they took good margins, just in case. Let's hope this is it for a while!

I really want to thank my friends for all their support. You don't know how much your kind words have meant to me these past weeks.

Still In A Funk

My friends, I am still reeling from the loss of my Dixie girl. This blog started out to be my way of documenting my fosters and my personal greyhounds. Something I would have to look back on, a kind of history.

But these days, I am mostly uninspired. I find myself wanting to withdraw from everything. I am very active with my local adoption group. I am Secretary, Adoption Representative and foster mom. But I must admit, that I have my letter of resignation already written up and saved on my computer. I keep waiting to send it. I don't want to do anything that seems rash.

I also find myself not trusting the 2-leggeds any longer. I took Jax in so his family could keep him when they moved to Hawaii. Now 8 days later, I have lost communication with them. Please, dear God, don't tell me you are going to leave me with him. Not much support from my own group either. While this was not a foster situation when I took him in, I just thought I might get some personal support.

Sorry to make this sound like a pitty party, but I guess it is of sorts. This week also found me taking my Sadie to the vet. Last February, she had 2 spots removed that contained mast cells. They got clean margins when they were removed, but one spot was a little more advanced than the other. Long story short, Sadie had 2 more spots removed Tuesday. Now we are waiting for those results.

So keep your fingers crossed that Jax's family doesn't leave me high and dry. Not once while I was in communication did they offer a red cent toward Dixie's surgery bill. Not once. Feeling a little jaded today...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Laid To Rest

I am still trying to take in the events of the past 9 days. We brought our girl home to be laid to rest today. I snapped this picture several weeks ago while I was home for lunch. The backyard was her favorite place to be. Always finding a stuffy and chasing the squirrels and deer! When I picked her up at the vet, they brought me a clay impression of her paw print that they made for us. They have been so kind to me and my girl. It helps to know that while she was in their care that they gave her lots of love.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Update on Jax

Well, I am still waiting on the family to get Jax out of my home. The latest news is that the group he came from, the president is in the hospital dying of cancer. Her sister is going from east of Louisville to St. Louis to take some of her personal dogs home with her. She said possibly Jax could hitch a ride with her. It seems someone over in that area has volunteered to watch him. So I can't really get an answer from Jax's family as to whether he is still going to Hawaii or if they are surrendering him. I am a little upset by this, but alas, I came to the conclustion that I can't save the world. I do feel bad for him, but he needs to leave. Not that he is a bad dog, I don't think that at all. He is a dog. But everytime I look at him, he is just another reminder of that fateful day...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She's gone...

I had to make a very tough decision this morning, and I hope I don't have to do this again for a very long time. I let my girl go. No more pain or suffering.
This picture was taken of Dixie on her first Christmas with us. She loved her stuffies. She had them strategically placed in the back yard so when she ran out the door, she would grab one up and start shaking it. If someone had moved her stuffie, she would run around the yard until she could find another one. What a funny girl she was!
Went in for bandage change this morning and her abdominal wound had opened up even more. Doc said the only way to fix it was surgery. Now with the diagnosis of Osteocarcoma, I had already made up my mind that this wasn't going to be an option. These horrific events of the past week have left me scarred for life. Also, has made me do some serious soul searching. To say that I am bitter, is kind of an understatement right now.
This picture was taken of Dixie this past August on her 10th birthday! Stuffies were never far from her reach! She would shake them and give them the what for! I hope there is an endless supply of stuffies in heaven girl! Run free, until we meet again...

This Sucks...

Found out Monday, Dixie has osteocarcoma. I am angry, exhausted, so many emotions. To top it all off, she has all the wounds. One in particular on her abdomen is not doing well. The skin was so traumatized that it is breaking down. I am heartbroken...

Friday, November 5, 2010


To say that it has been a hell of a week around here would be an understatement. Stick with me friends...

Monday, I had decided that since Dixie'slimp had returned, I would schedule her for an x-ray under sedation. All you greyhound lovers out there know that a limp can be a bad sign.

Dixie goes to the vet, gets her x-ray. They find 2 suspicious spots and are sending the films to be read by a specialist. Next, is when my life as I know it changed..

We come home and I let her outside first. Bring my other 2 dogs out and Jax. Someone had an accident by the back door, so I go to get a towel to come back to find Jax and Dixie in the throes of the worst dog fight I have ever seen. Mind you, when there are multiple dogs out in the yard, I normally don't step away from the door.

So, off I run, trying to get them apart. What happens next will scar my psyche for the remainder of my life. They are both in kill mode. I can't get them separated. I can see Dixie's wounds, gaping and bleeding. But they don't stop. I grab a tail and am drug across the yard. I am grabbing at collars, anything, dear God please let it stop. Finally, not sure how, I get Jax into the pole barn. My other 2 dogs slip in the back door which didn't get shut all the way. I see Dixie slink into the house.

I find her in her safe spot, the closet. Bleeding from her wounds. This whole time I am trying to get them apart I am trying to get anyone on my phone to try to help me. It just kept going to the navigation part. I am falling and stumbling while I am trying to get them apart as well. It is 12:01,lunch time for the vet. I get through by some miracle and they say they will be waiting for me.

I am met by three of the most caring veterinarian staff that you could ask for. They sweep her out of the van and start working on her. Four hours later,she is out of surgery. Drain tubes, staples, stitches. The other dog, Jax, in unscathed.

So, I see myself injured as I fly to the vet. My wounds can wait. But they insist I got to get treatment. Puncture wound on the left palm. Index finger on the right hand is sliced open at the knuckle. No stitches, just steri-strips. They need to leave it open to drain. They tell me it will get ugly. Boy were they right.

Went to visit with my girl this morning and she lifts her head and gives me a kiss. Please send some white light for my Dixie today. Of all the things, now we also have to wait for the radiologist to call back. I probably will bring her home tomorrow.

For Jax, his owners are still trying to help get him relocated. They haven't made it to Hawaii yet, they are still in Portland. Hopefully,they will get this taken care of. One thing they said is to give him back to the group he came from. WHAT? I am still trying to make sense out of all of this. If only...