Friday, November 19, 2010

Sadie's News

Sadie wants to let everyone know that those pesky lumps that they took off are no big deal! Finally, some good news. The one on her hind leg was just a cyst. The one on her bald butt, is more or less, an infected hair. Since she had two other places removed earlier this year that were mast cell tumors, they took good margins, just in case. Let's hope this is it for a while!

I really want to thank my friends for all their support. You don't know how much your kind words have meant to me these past weeks.


  1. HI!
    Your dogs are so beautifull!
    we've been reading your previous posts and we were very pleased to hear that everything is going well.
    Kisses from Portugal!

    Jack, Kaiser and Farrusquinho

  2. Looks like you have had a tough round of late, so hard to lose the sweethearts we love so much. I hop things go much better with Sadie!!!

    I love the ghs and have been there more than just a few times. Lots of hugs.

  3. Happy Blog Hop!

    I hope we can be friends!


  4. I'm happy you got good news! Excellent! Enjoy the weekend.

  5. Very happy to hear Sadie's good news:-) What a relief!