Friday, November 5, 2010


To say that it has been a hell of a week around here would be an understatement. Stick with me friends...

Monday, I had decided that since Dixie'slimp had returned, I would schedule her for an x-ray under sedation. All you greyhound lovers out there know that a limp can be a bad sign.

Dixie goes to the vet, gets her x-ray. They find 2 suspicious spots and are sending the films to be read by a specialist. Next, is when my life as I know it changed..

We come home and I let her outside first. Bring my other 2 dogs out and Jax. Someone had an accident by the back door, so I go to get a towel to come back to find Jax and Dixie in the throes of the worst dog fight I have ever seen. Mind you, when there are multiple dogs out in the yard, I normally don't step away from the door.

So, off I run, trying to get them apart. What happens next will scar my psyche for the remainder of my life. They are both in kill mode. I can't get them separated. I can see Dixie's wounds, gaping and bleeding. But they don't stop. I grab a tail and am drug across the yard. I am grabbing at collars, anything, dear God please let it stop. Finally, not sure how, I get Jax into the pole barn. My other 2 dogs slip in the back door which didn't get shut all the way. I see Dixie slink into the house.

I find her in her safe spot, the closet. Bleeding from her wounds. This whole time I am trying to get them apart I am trying to get anyone on my phone to try to help me. It just kept going to the navigation part. I am falling and stumbling while I am trying to get them apart as well. It is 12:01,lunch time for the vet. I get through by some miracle and they say they will be waiting for me.

I am met by three of the most caring veterinarian staff that you could ask for. They sweep her out of the van and start working on her. Four hours later,she is out of surgery. Drain tubes, staples, stitches. The other dog, Jax, in unscathed.

So, I see myself injured as I fly to the vet. My wounds can wait. But they insist I got to get treatment. Puncture wound on the left palm. Index finger on the right hand is sliced open at the knuckle. No stitches, just steri-strips. They need to leave it open to drain. They tell me it will get ugly. Boy were they right.

Went to visit with my girl this morning and she lifts her head and gives me a kiss. Please send some white light for my Dixie today. Of all the things, now we also have to wait for the radiologist to call back. I probably will bring her home tomorrow.

For Jax, his owners are still trying to help get him relocated. They haven't made it to Hawaii yet, they are still in Portland. Hopefully,they will get this taken care of. One thing they said is to give him back to the group he came from. WHAT? I am still trying to make sense out of all of this. If only...


  1. Sending prayers your way, not only for Dixie's recovery but for yours as well! Keep us posted!

  2. So sorry to hear about Dixie's x-rays and the fight. Hope you are all doing better. Special paw prayers for all of you.

  3. that is so very scary, and I'm sorry that it happened. who knows what triggers that. i've had a friend experience it between two that are smitten with each other--they even sooked while they were separated. it can happen. it's horrible. i'm just glad you got them separated. we all hope everyone recovers.
    i'm so very very sorry that vision is stuck in your memory. wishing dixie a speedy recovery.

  4. What a horrific experience! I hope everyone heals quickly. You are all in my thoughts. xoxox

  5. Oh no - I'm so sorry to hear about Dixie's wounds. I'm sending a ton of good thoughts your way and hers.

    I found your blog through the blog hop, and I'll be checking back for Dixie updates.

    The worst dog fight I'd seen was brought about by human stupidity - two humans, actually. My boyfriend's cousin was bringing her dog into the house uninvited. I quickly locked my two dogs (a lab and a Malamute) in the bedroom. The cousin asks if her dog can play with mine. I say no, she really doesn't like other females (Layla's usually pretty friendly toward all dogs, but I was feeling cranky at her audacity of waltzing into my house without even thinking). Pat, my boyfriend, says that he thinks it'll be okay. I say no it won't. He says she'll be fine. I say NO, she WON'T. So, he reaches behind me, opens the bedroom door, and Layla runs out to see some strange female that she's never seen before eating out of her food dish, and basically tried to maul her. I was close enough that I was able to grab her before anything too bad was done; the other Lab didn't need to be seen by a vet, but it's really just because how close I was. If this happened farther away, it would've been disastrous.

    I really hope Dixie is okay, both with her battle wounds and her x-ray. I'll be coming back to check it out.

    PS ~ I hate purse dogs too. So glad someone else agrees.