Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Show Doggie here. These are 2 of my hew housemates Sadie (left) and Dixie (right). Aren't they cute? Yep, sure as heck are. NOT!!! They might look cute, but as I learned last night, don't mess with the bitches food. Now, I guess they don't understand that I am still trying to make up for the missed meal on Saturday. Well, either that, or they just don't care. I mean, all I wanted was a few pieces of their kibble that was hanging out on the floor. SNAP! SNARL!! YELP!!! (that's me, Show Doggie, doing the yelping). I mean, they share the couch, right? So surely they could spare a few pieces of kibble for a starving 2-year old? Anyway, no lasting marks, just some hurt feelings.

P.S. I got it! They were just trying to show me how pretty their teeth are!!! Now, I wouldn't say this to their face for fear of their wrath, but them teeth ain't nothing to show off!!!

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