Tuesday, September 28, 2010

If I Was a Football Player...

Buddy here. My foster mom keeps calling my a big dumb football player (sorry to any of you football fans out there). What the heck does that mean anyway?

First a little history. Way back when, like January 2009, when I was still working for the money...there was this ice storm (so my mom tells me). The trees got so heavy with ice, that they fell over onto the fence here at the retirement home. The fence post snapped off at the ground, so dad just stands it back up. You know, a quick fix. Now if the wind blows really hard, the fence will kind of lean over. But, hey, you just go out and stand it back up. I know, you are thinking, sheesh, it has been almost 2 years. Why hasn't he fixed that darn fence yet? Well, my foster dad is so busy doing stuff for everyone else, that's why!

So here's the newest trick that retirment life has played on me. The other morning, I trot out into the yard to do my "business". All of a sudden, I see this 4-legged thing standing there. Well, that's all she wrote folks! I take off, like a shot reaching top speed! You know, it don't take long for us hounds to get it moving when we want to. Well, you see that fence post in that picture there?

Yep, I run smack into it! Knocked the fence down even. Hmmm, maybe that's why mom says I am a football player, cause if I had my helmet on...oh well. Now the rest of the story. Then, the rest of those copy-cats come running and barking their fool heads off. Meanwhile, the deer takes off into the woods. But, the funniest part, my mom comes running out flailing her arms and screaming at us! Picture this, she is in her pajamas!!!! Good thing we live in the country, cause could you imagine what the neighbors would think if we had any?

Anyway, dad fixed the fence that night! How's that for service? But then I did hear mom talking into that thing she holds up to her ear. Good thing no one got out of the yard, cause we would have just kept going till we caught that deer!


  1. Now that is one great adventure! I'm wishing I could have been there with you to help chase it. I have a feeling I could take one down if I just had the chance!


  2. I'm glad you have a very strong head!!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. Wow Buddy, how was your head? It's just as well Mum wears pyjamas, lol! Maybe she needs to get you a helmet just in case you do it again?