Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Coffee with a Canine

Holy Cow! I feel so honored. Click HERE to visit Coffee with a Canine to read our story!


  1. So cool! I will have to check it out. Marshal contacted me a few weeks ago about this, but I haven't gotten around to snapping photos yet :-/

    Good for you!!!

  2. That was a great interview! We had the pleasure of doing one a couple of months ago, too. I wish I knew how he finds everybody that he does! lol I still love that picture of you with the hounds!

  3. Lovely interview:) Marshall does a good job.

  4. Lovely to find your blog thanks to Coffee With A Canine.

    Looking forward to following you.

    I'll look for you on Facebook too, where I have a Page too.

    Love and Licks Winnie the Greyhound.