Saturday, May 21, 2011

Caution: This Post Is About Poop!

Last Saturday, my foster dog Buddy, went on a home visit. One of his pet names here has been "Pooper". He does poop a lot. Probably more than he pees. I know this is probably too much information, but my dog friends understand!

The lady that took him on the home visit asked me if I thought Buddy was straining when he was pooping. Well, I thought about it. He poops a lot, but I really don't watch him. I mean, give a guy some privacy! So anyway, they decided to take him into the vet for a look see.

Ummm, excuse me! You are going to do WHAT???

In the meantime, they were watching Buddy do the number 2 and found that he had these bulges back by his tail. So he goes to the vet on Monday and after a very thorough exam, they find that Buddy has a perineal hernia. Click HERE for description and photo of an extreme case.

I am just worried sick about my boy. He will be going to Metropolitan Veterinary Specialists in Louisville, Kentucky (about 90 minutes from here). There were not vets in our area that were experienced enough to do the surgery. The president of our local adoption group will be taking him there for a consult. But he will most likely be having surgery. This is a huge expense for our group. The low ball figure is $1700.00 for this surgery. Good thing we just had a pretty successful fundraiser!

So if you would say a little prayer for my Budster on Monday, I would appreciate it!


  1. Oh yikes! Buddy, we'll definitely have fingers and toes crossed for you! Good luck!

  2. Aw, poor boy. I bet he will be happy when he can poop like a normal dog though!

  3. oh geez....... poor dog!!!
    my thoughts are with you .... let us know who he does.

  4. Boy, you don't need this, nor does poor Buddy! I hope he comes through the surgery with flying colours and is soon pooping normally. Good luck

  5. Thinking about you and Buddy's bum bum.

  6. my word verification was foopper. snick.