Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bowser and Clareese Turn 3!

On Monday, April 7th, Bowser and Clareese turned 3 years old.  Bowser came to us last April as a foster and we adopted him in August.  His littermate, Clareese, has been our foster since last October.
We have a tradition for hound birthdays at our house, you have to wear the stupid party hat!  Bowser looks less than happy.
Clareese couldn't even be bothered enough to get up off her bed for the hat pictures. 
 But bring out the birthday pup-cake and they all get excited!
Bowser loved their cake!  Here he is getting ready to take a big bite.  Clareese got off the bed for her piece of cake.  However, she was moving so fast, I couldn't get a picture.
On Sunday, Clareese went on a home visit.  I was sure they wouldn't pick the little black girl as she was accompanied by a blonde girl.  Well, not really blonde, but red with a black mask!  Anyway, this family was actually wanting a black dog.  I got the call Monday evening that they picked her.  It was a good birthday present for her, that's for sure.  She will be going to her forever home this coming Sunday.  Glad we got to celebrate a birthday together!

P. S.  This was my first attempt at removing the dreaded "green eye" from the pictures.  Hope they are satisfactory!


  1. Belated Happy Birthday to Bowser and Clareese :) What a great present for Clareese to get her new home!

  2. Bowser has a priceless facial expression when wearing the birthday hat. Clareese looks very haute couture in the hat. So glad the birthday cake was to their liking, and I love the expression on Bowsers face while he's getting the first bite!
    Happy first home, Clareece!

  3. Neither seem very impressed with the part hat tradition :) But cake makes up for everything.

  4. Happy Birthday, Bowser and Clareese! And Happy early gotcha day, Clareese!! So great to see them go to their forever homes.