Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Greyhound First Aid Kit

We will be traveling to Alabama and Florida soon and the first aid kit will be riding shot gun!  At home, the first aid kit is kept in our pantry, so everyone knows right where to grab it if needed.  Here's a look inside our Greyhound First Aid Kit...

 Various sizes and colors of vet wrap.
 Gauze dressing pads and roll of gauze dressing.
 Instant cold compress/ice pack, bulb syringe and baby wash cloth.
 Famotodine (Pepcid), Bismuth tablets (Pepto Bismol) and Dramamine.
 Sterile saline solution, hydrogren peroxide and Neosporin.
 Emergency foil thermal blanket, baby socks and nylon forceps.
 Rubber gloves, cotton balls, q-tips and bandage scissors.
 Small leash, styptic powder and emergency contact information card.
This baggie contains Benadryl, wooden applicators, tongue depressors, sanitizing hand wipes, betadine swab sticks, super glue, butterfly closure strips, alcohol prep pads, hydrocortisone cream, burn gel, rubber gloves and 1 ml oral dose syringe.
This first aid kit was purchased from a fundraiser for Greyhound Adoptions of Florida.  While I am not sure if they are still selling these, here is a list of what the kit contains:
Instant ice pack
Baby wash cloth
Emergency foil thermal blanket (waterproof & windproof) used to prevent/counter hypothermia
1 ml oral dose syringe to administer liquid medication
Benadryl 25 mg tablets, for allergies and insect bites
Famotodine 20 mg acid reducer
Bismuth tablets (aka Pepto Bismol) for diarrhea, upset stomach and vomiting
Wooden applicators, for applying ointment or as a temporary splint for “happy tail”
Tongue depressors, variable uses, including splinting
Nylon forceps to remove splinters, thorns, etc.
Bandage scissors to cut bandage material and trim hair around wound
Leash, use to restrain injured pet or as a temporary muzzle
2” bulb syringe aspirator to administer oral medication or to flush wound
Exam gloves, ensure cleanliness while administering treatment
Sanitizing hand wipes
Emergency contact information card
2” X 2” Gauze dressing pads to cover and keep injured areas clean
3” X 3” Gauze dressing pads
4” X 4” Gauze dressing pads
3” X 4” Telfa non-stick dressing
1” x 10 yards paper surgical tape to keep bandages and splints in place
Butterfly closure strips to keep small wounds closed
Bag of cotton balls and q-tips to apply ointment to wound
4” X 5 yards vet wrap to cover bandages
Pair of baby socks to keep foot/pad wounds clean
20 ml Sterile saline solution for washing eyes or cleaning wounds
4 oz Hydrogen peroxide, 1 tsp orally to induce vomiting if instructed by poison control or vet
Betadine swab stick to clean and disinfect minor cuts and scrapes
Alcohol prep pads to clean and disinfect minor cuts and abrasions
Triple antibiotic ointment to prevent wound infection
Lubricating jelly to place on wounds before clipping hair and for lubricating thermometer
1% Hydro-cortisone cream for itching associated with skin irritation and insect bites
Burn gel for pain relief of minor burns
Super glue to close skin of cleaned minor cuts/wounds
Qwik-stop styptic powder to aid in stopping bleeding due to nail trimming


  1. We keep a lot of the same stuff! And April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month!

  2. I never put a complete first aid kit together. This is a great list and a really good idea!

  3. love this list!! thanks sooo much!!! baby socks?? will they keep them on?? if adam has anything on his legs.. he wont

  4. This is essentially our greyhound kit to. Except we've had to quadruple all gauze bandages, pads and wraps since Bettina joined us. And we've refilled it at least twice!