Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sadie's Toe...Again

Well, I can't believe it has happened again. For a little background on Sadie's toes, click here and here.
Thursday evening Sadie went out for a potty break. Evenings are getting chilly here, so she came in feeling froggy. Doing some zoomies downstairs,she then takes a run up the stairs. I heard a clanging noise and thought it sounded kind of different. She is walking just fine. A few minutes later, I notice her chewing on her toenail. I go to look at it and I can't find her toe.
Wait a minute, think about this. Be calm, there is no blood. But damn it, I can't see the toenail. I turn her foot over and see that her toe is completely bent over and is laying on top of the pad of her foot. Shit, shit, shit. Of course it is 7:30 at night. Call the answering service and leave a message for the vet to call me back.
Dr. Purdue calls me back and we talk. She isn't showing any signs of pain and no blood. Okay, Sadie has heart problems and a severe intolerance to anti-biotics, so I am afraid to take to the ER vet if it isn't necessary. He tells me, if it was his dog he would wait till morning. He is very afraid to sedate her when he would not have any support staff. So, we wait till morning.
The doors open at 8:00 a.m. and we are right there. Of course, everyone had to look at the toe and say, "not again". So, they sedate her and the toe pops right back into place. They put a cute polka dot bandage on her and we discuss her weekend plans. No activity, leash walking. If the bandage makes it through the weekend, bring her back in and they can take it off.
It was a beautiful day here, so I send her out to potty and the grass is wet. Who would have thought that at 11:00 the grass would still be covered with dew. I forgot to put the IV bag over the bandage. So, I take the bandage off. We don't want to leave a wet wrap on the foot.
It's the annual birthday dinner tonight, so I head out to Wal-mart to buy a cake. I leave the dogs gated upstairs, thinking they would be fine. Come home and Sadie is holding her foot up. Look at the foot and the damn toe is popped out again.

NOOOOO! Not again. I do the best I can to bandage it up, putting gauze in between the toe since it is folded over again. Call the vet. He says, just keep her calm and bring her back in the morning. I really can't believe this is happening again.
Not to mention, Tom was at the vet as well on Friday. I will have to do a separate post about that whole ordeal. I am exhausted.


  1. ah greyhounds and their dodgy toes! :P

  2. Oh no!!! That sucks...sounds like she isn't feeling as much discomfort as you are tho! Hope it gets better soon!
    Karen & the Hounds

  3. Oh nooooo! This sounds like the saga of Beryl's happy tail minus the blood! I hope you get Sadie sorted soon and that Tom is OK too. And you as well. Good luck.

  4. Poor Sadie. I feel your pain.

    I have discovered that at all costs, I want to be the veterinarians best friend.

    Hope she's feeling better.