Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Never Ending Toe Saga

Well, I wish I had good news on the toe, but not really. Sunday morning around 11:00 a.m. I let Sadie out to potty. My husband kept saying, just let her out by herself, she will be fine. So, for once, I listened to him. She comes in and her bandage was wet. I thought since the vet said if it stayed on until Monday, to bring her back in and they would take it off. Knowing a wet bandage wasn't good, I removed it. Now, all the while in the back of my head, I am thinking I should re-bandage. But I didn't.
Sunday was the October birthday celebrations. We have 3 birthdays in October, both my girls and my sister. With baby Geoffrey on the way, we decided to celebrate early. I needed a birthday cake and the mom-to-be wanted real buttercream icing. So, off to Wal-mart I go. While we were gone, I left Sadie baby-gated in the living room.
Upon our arrival back home, we were greeted by a limping greyhound. Yep, Sadie had dislocated the toe again. Call the vet and he said, "see you in the morning". Again, Sadie didn't really show much pain. I think she was limping because the toe nail was bothering her more than anything.
Monday, we go back to the vet. They don't even have to sedate her this time. Put the toe back in place and re-bandage her. Just got back from the change this morning and the toe is fine, but we are leaving it bandaged for several more days.
Lesson learned here...listen to the voices in your head.


  1. Ahh yes those danged voices in the head that I am not good at listening to either!! Hope the toe stays this time!!

  2. I hope for both your sakes that it isn't a never ending saga! Is bandaging the toe supposed to make it learn to stay in place?

  3. Oh ouch! Those toe sagas can be a royal pain! Definitely listen to those voices next time!