Monday, September 26, 2011

Foster Pupdates

Thought I would give everyone an update on my pups. Buddy is getting adopted. I will get to tell him good bye on Saturday at the Gretyfest. He will be moving to Louisville. I have already told the family I will need visitation rights.
On Thursday, Annie, moved back to her previous foster home. Her foster mom needed her there to help with her newest foster dog, Amanda. Poor Amanda wasn't doing well as an only dog. I have heard that they are enjoying each other's company. So, for now, I am foster-less. We decided to wait until the grandson is born to get another foster. We will be taking care of Felicia in a couple of weeks, so that will fill an empty spot for a while!


  1. I hope that both of them will be very happy! It can't imagine Annie having to wait too long!

  2. Good luck to Buddy in his new home. I'm sure he'll be very happy:)

    I'm glad that Annie is making life easier for Amanda:)