Friday, September 23, 2011

Funny Story

This morning I was conducting my normal morning routing and "seeing what's going on in the world". I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Tales and Tails, and her blog post for today was titled "Greyhounds Don't Fetch Slippers.

It seems I have been doing a lot of walking down memory lane these days. The one year anniversary of Dixie's death is coming up, plus I have been feeling super guilty about not telling more about my beloved Brett and his passing. But that is another story for another day.

Anywho, my Dixie didn't fetch slippers for sure, but she had a special treatment for my slippers. I was super excited when I got these new fuzzy slippers on Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I got out of bed and couldn't locate said slippers. I get up to let the dogs out anyway to see not only one, but both of my new slippers laying out in the backyard! I'm sure she was disappointed in the slippers when she kept chomping on them and no sound was being released!

My Dixie girl was known for her love of the stuffies. She would have them strategically placed in the back yard and grab them on a run for the fence. Then she would proceed to shake them and squeak them like no tomorrow. I believe she was trying to show the animals in the woods what she would do to them if they every came in her yard. Of course, the only ones who didn't listen, were the dumb rabbits. We never had any other animals inside the fence. Guess she showed them, huh?

She spent her 7 years with us protecting us from the critters of the forest. So when she passed, my husband buried her on the outside of the fence. Thanks for sharing a sweet memory...


  1. So funny - sad as well, but a wonderful memory. I suppose you can't put on slippers to this day without thinking about that.

  2. Your sweet memory made me think of my Jack. He loved his stuffies too, but only if they squeaked. I wouldn't buy him a toy if I didn't think it would live up to his expectations. I would have to squeak it several times myself just to be sure.

    Your Dixie sounds like such a sweet girl and I can just picture her in the yard with your slipper.

  3. I remember getting a pair of hot pink fuzzy slippers that Hawk was fascinated by! Any time I took them off, he had one over by his dog bed. He didn't chew them, just liked to use them as a head rest!

    I'm glad we brought back a funny memory! It's those little things that make you look back and smile from time to time, even when they're not still with you.

  4. Hahah Barbie loves stuffies AND shoes, so fluffy slippers would be irresistable!!!

  5. Aww! I like that story. Rabbits never listen to Layla's threats either.

  6. Such a wonderful, sweet story. I'm sure Dixie is still keeping the rabbits out of your yard:)

  7. What a wonderful memory. I love remembering all of the happy stories.