Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Abilene, Part 1

We are back home again in Indiana after a wonderful time at the Heart of America Greyhound Gathering!  We had so much fun and met so many wonderful hounds and their personal assistants.

For my first greyhound stalking, I mean sighting, I got to meet Joey and Scout and their assistants.  This story is so funny.  I had been corresponding with Joey and Scout's mom and we were both looking forward to meeting in person.  My husband and I decided to make a pit stop just before we got to our destination.  We see a rest area ahead and take the exit ramp.  Right in front of us was a big RV pulling a scooter and a Jeep.  I saw the greyhound decal on the scooter and was pretty sure it was Joey and Scout's tour bus.  We pulled in, but I waited until I saw the greyhounds come out of the RV before I made my move.  Nothing like being the crazy greyhound lady in a rest stop!  After following their adventures, I finally got to meet Scout, Joey and their humans.  We chatted for a bit and then headed for our final destination.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Joey, but here is Miss Scout chilling at the event.

My husband and I were workers for the event.  We helped set up, sell raffle tickets, work the bag raffles, auctions, etc.  It was exhausting, but fun.  It was nice to be able to meet the people behind their Facebook names too.  There were over 250 people in attendance with 175 hounds, so I know there were more people I didn't get a chance to meet.

On another note, I will now be watermarking my photos.  Before we left, some guy behind the blog "Ironicus Maximus", used a picture of my angel Tom without my permission.  Of course, there is no contact info on his page, so I was reduced to leaving him a few nasty comments.  Finally, he took it down.  If anyone knows who is behind this blog, please drop me a note at macmadday@aol.com.



  1. You were one of the people I was most excited about meeting and then we met at the rest area. LOL It was too funny.

    What software do you use for your watermark? I like how it is in the middle.

  2. I'm glad you had so much fun and got to meet some other fun Greyhound bloggers on the trip. I really wish we could have gone.

    I always watermark my photos. I've seen them turn up all over the place like sites offering them as wallpaper and once they get on Pinterest, you have very little chance of stopping them from turning up in strange places. I've also disabled right clicking on my blog, which won't stop someone who's really knowledgeable and motivated to steal stuff, but will stop most people.

  3. I can just picture the rest stop surveillance that was happening as you saw the decal on the buddy the scooter!