Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dewey Photo Shoot

For years now, I have been following the work of  Steve Uyehara.  I have always wanted him to photograph one of my hounds.  I guess you could say it's been on my "greyhound bucket list".  After our plans were finalized for Dewey, I scheduled a shoot with Steve for the last session of the day on Friday.  Well, as you can see from my last post about Dewey, the weather didn't cooperate at all.  We rescheduled for Sunday.  I had already made up my mind, weather be damned, we were getting those pictures! 

It was so cold and windy on Sunday, but it wasn't raining!  So we were on!  I met Steve and told him this could be interesting because Sadie really didn't care for the beach.  Of course, just like a child, she proved me wrong.  Stepped onto the sand and she turned into a different dog!


I can't thank Steve enough for these memories.  My Sadie has a heart condition and just turned 10 in November.  I cherish every day with her and to say she is my heart dog is an understatement.  If you would like to see all the photos from the shoot go HERE.


  1. Sadie, you look very beautiful! I think you had fun making a liar out of Mom who said you didn't like the beach!

  2. What a great opportunity. Sadie is so cute and looks so happy. i understand cherishing every day. Give her hugs.

  3. Whats a luckies girl Sadie is to haves a professionals photo shoot!
    She is one of the most beautifuls doggies I haves ever seen, there is a halo of lights around her in those photos.
    All the bests,
    Enid xx

  4. Love Steve's work. And with such a pretty subject as Sadie, how could he go wrong.

  5. Steve takes gorgeous pictures and I would treasure them, too. Sadie is beautiful and I love his knack for capturing dogs so beautifully!