Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dewey 2013

Pictures were not plentiful this year at Dewey.  I wound up taking my pictures with my phone, so I apologize for the quality of my photos.

I had an offer to ride along with Bec from Greytglass this year.  I really wanted to take Sadie and it is such a long drive, that I took her up on her offer.  We arrived at Bec's house on Tuesday morning to help her load up the truck with her vending goodies.  I should have known when Sadie jumped in her recliner, that she would be stealing couches and beds wherever we went!
We hit rain about an hour out of Dewey.  We had no idea that this is what we had in store for us the entire week.  We stayed in a second floor apartment.  I was told the view to the bay was great.  This was taken from our balcony. 

The girls from Midwest Greyhound Adoption were in the bottom level of the house.  They were kind enough to feed us the entire week.  On our first dinner appearance, Sadie walked in and went to the most comfy spot!  Sadie also became known for stealing Dirk's dinner every night!
I was particularly smitten with one of the dogs in the house.  His name is Dirk and he is one of the most gorgeous big black boys you will ever see.  He was so sweet.  I tried to sneak him out with us, but it's kind of hard to hide 95 pounds!  I still can't believe Sadie stole his dinners.
Bec's constant companion is her whippet, Princess Arianna.  Ari was the sweetest thing and she and Sadie got along great.  The girls were both troopers as we drug them around with us everywhere in the rain.  I tried to leave Sadie for a couple of hours and heard that she whined the entire time we were gone.  I guess she didn't mind getting wet as long as she was with me.
One of the girls that stayed with us bought this nice blanket from Midwest and Sadie proceeded to steal it.  I wound up buying us our own blanket to bring home since she liked it so much!
There was so much rain, I felt so bad for the vendors.  We were trying to get to them and we wound up going back the next day after the water receded. 
Finally on Saturday, we made it to the beach in Rehoboth.  Sadie and I walked from the Fire Hall down to the beach.  It was so windy, but dang it we were determined to see the ocean!
 Sadie was less than thrilled with all the wind and the noise from the waves crashing.
On the way back to the Fire Hall, the most amazing thing happened.  Well, I say amazing, but I am a crazy greyhound lady.  I passed this car and saw on the windows a decal from Greyhound Rescue and Rehabilitation.  The thought popped in my mind "is Freddy here?".  Normally, I am a shy person, but when there are greyhounds involved, all that goes out the window.  I walked up to the front of the Fire Hall and there was a lady taking pictures and I heard her say "FREDDY".  I got in there and introduced myself and finally got my hands on Freddy.
 For those of you on Facebook, you may or may not have heard Freddy's story.  Freddy is a beautiful young brindle boy who got the worst of things in a turn out pen brawl.  He went through many surgeries and spent a long time recuperating.  Christine, shown in this picture, fostered Freddy.  Christine also wound up adopting Freddy.  I cried many a tear over this boy during his surgeries.  It still amazes me that these hounds can touch my heart so.
Christine showed me pictures of Freddy's original wounds.  I always knew he was special, but that boy had to have some serious will to live to pull through all this.  Today, Freddy appears to be a young, healthy, beautiful brindle boy.  His mom says he loves life and is a sweetie.  Meeting Freddy was a definite bright spot in my trip. 
Once back inside the Fire Hall, Sadie proceeded to go to the Greytglass booth and slip in behind Ari and fall fast asleep.  Ari looks a little less than pleased.
Here is Sadie passed out on her own blankie from Midwest.  This blanket is huge and super warm.  Perfect for snuggling with on a cold Indiana night.  If you can get the dogs off of it, that is!

Sadie is a well rounded girl and gets along with everyone.  She and Ari were troopers on this trip and got along so good.  Ari even tolerated Sadie using her as a pillow.  It was a long trip, despite the weather, a good time was had by all.



  1. I loved seeing these pictures and hearing all about this trip and the dogs. Great pictures. Loved every one. Sadie is a sweetie as are the others. You, too!



  2. Great trip! you should come to Beach Bound Hounds next year! Sadie will fit right in!

  3. I'm sorry we couldn't swing going last year. I'm hoping for maybe next year, or a sudden windfall surprise that lets me go this year. lol I'm so impressed that you met Freddy! I better go now, because I see Bunny eyeing that blanket!

  4. I have never been to the Dewey happenings! I've read about it and I think it would be great fun. All your descriptions are great. I like the pictures, but am sorry it rained so much!

  5. Dewey Beach week usually = lots of rain. Food and blankets? Sadie is a girl who knows what she wants and is not afraid to just take it :)

  6. Looks like it was a good time despite the weather

    Stop on by for a visit