Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Orijen Regional Dog Treats

Thanks to for providing the hounds with some yummy treats to sample!  This time around I chose Orijen Regional Red Freeze Dried Dog Treats.  These treats are made from wild boar, lamb and beef.  No other ingredients.  Made without preservatives, these treats are grain-free as well as low calorie.  Each high-protein treat only has 5 calories. 
 At first I wasn't sure that Bowser and Sadie would like them.  Being freeze dried, they do have a bit of a different texture to them.  So I sat the bag down to try to get a picture and Bowser was trying to get IN the bag!
Awww, look how nice they are posing!  It's amazing what happens when you put a treat on tope of your head!  Otherwise, they would not look up at me.  I would say these Orijen Regional Red Treats get a paws up rating from the hounds here!


  1. Those faces are so cute!
    The dog treats are interesting, they are new to me!

  2. There's no higher compliment than a hound who just can't wait to eat it!

    Mac and Maisie

  3. Just be glad Flattery wasn't there to help you do the review, or she'd have hoovered all of them! lol I'm glad the pups endorsed those so highly!