Thursday, September 12, 2013

Billy Boy

Bill Russell found his forever home.  This guy is such a sweetheart.  If we hadn't already adopted Bowser, I would have snagged him up myself.  But, someone else needed him more than we did.
 Bill has got this super big comfy chair that he sleeps in at night.
Bill also has lots of kitty friends at his new home.  Inside and out.  We all know that greyhounds can be a bit different with outside cats, but not Bill.  He has equal love for the inside and outside cats at his new home.  The outside kitties even walk with them.
Here is Bill with his new brother, Ulrick.  Some of you may remember that Ulrick was a foster of mine as well.  You can read his story here. 
Right after they decided to give Bill a try at their house, they had to help move their grandson to college.  I volunteered to house/dog sit for them so they didn't have to upset their routine.  Here is Bill asleep with his head in my lap.  He is a sweet boy.
Ulrick lost his brother, Mo, to osteo.  They were devastated.  Ulrick started showing signs of depression.  He wasn't eating or playing like he normally did.  He needed a buddy.
Bill is wondering who that handsome boy in the mirror is!  Here's to hoping Bill will bring them some much needed joy in their lives. 


  1. Sounds like a great match. What a sweet boy he is.

  2. Sounds like a great fit and some much needed loving to share.

    Good luck Bill!

  3. It sounds like Bill has already done a very important job in his life! Here's hoping he enjoys many great years with his new family!

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  5. Happy New Home, Bill! It sounds like he's really fitting in and making a huge difference to Ulrick's life.

    Mac and Maisie x

  6. Bill is adorable. I am a sucker for the colouring on his face, reminds me of Bender ;)

  7. Bill is handsome! I am glad he found a great home and super impressed he is Ok with cats outside! What a good boy!

  8. Wow, Bill is awesome with cats isn't he! Looks like he's found the perfects home and his new owners have got the perfect dog. I love his chair!