Friday, April 19, 2013

On to Florida!

The good thing about meeting someone from the area is that they can tell you all of the "must dos" before you leave!  Darla tipped us off to this little gem.  It is located in Daphne, Alabama.  There is a raised boardwalk to walk on.  Lots of wildlife in their natural elements.  This lone turtle on the log trying to find the sunshine.

We followed the boardwalk and this is how it ended.  I didn't want Sadie to have to walk all the way back with sandy paws, so we stayed on the boardwalk.  Last thing I wanted were sore toes!
 Tons of grey squirrels everywhere!   You can see my husband has her on a pretty short leash.
 She was bound and determined to get a squirrel!
 Yes, that is really a gator!  Darla warned us that they were there.  She said if you listened closely, you would be able to hear the babies making their noises.  We never did hear or see any baby gators. 
 Thank goodness we didn't see any snakes!!! 
This place was like a city park.  We would have never stopped if we didn't know about it.  It really was neat.  She told us there was an old family cemetery as well.  However, it was down a gravel road.  Since it was early in the trip, I wanted to take it easy on Sadie.
The beach at last!  This is the view from our hotel room.  GPA-EC now holds their Howlidays event at the Quality Inn in Gulfbreeze, Florida.  Rooms are simple, but with this view and the fact that they are pet friendly all year long, who cares!  Let the fun continue!!!


  1. That is a lovely view and it looks like you had great weather. It's always like that in Florida though isn't it? Hmm, interesting to be able to get up so close to an alligator! I'm glad Sadie didn't think it was a squirrel!

  2. I recognize that look on Sadie's face. Those sight hounds. As you said, it is so nice to have someone from the area give you tips. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  3. Gators!! good think nobody was swimming!

  4. We were just down in FL last month! Some beautiful parks down there!

  5. I'm soooo jealous! Hope you have a greyt time in Gulf Breeze. It's one of my favorite places!