Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home Is Where Your Bed Is

Or have bed will travel!  Sadie was such a wonderful traveling companion.  Since this was my husband's first time to go with us to any greyhound event, he couldn't believe how good she was.  All the dogs at my house love this bed.  It came from Elaine's Pet Pillows.  I bought the first bed in Dewey this year and then ordered another one shortly after getting home.  They really are the best beds.  Inside the filling is recycled foam that she cuts into cubes, which makes the bed fluff up and never go flat!  She also recycles bed sheets to make the sack for the foam.  Every part of this bed is washable.  As long as Sadie has her bed, she's good to go!

First stop on our way to Pensacola for Houndog Howlidays, was Mobile, Alabama.  We went to Oakleigh.  A nice antebellum mansion.  I think I was born about 100 years too late!  I love these homes!!!
Of course, Miss Sadie was too busy being nosy to pose for the camera.  I was fascinated with the roots of this tree.
We also visited the USS Alabama.  Of course, Sadie was happy to stay at the hotel while we did the tourist thing. 
The first highlight of the trip was meeting a Facebook friend, Darla Dean.  She is involved with Saluki rescue!  She works with Salukis from the middle east.  It is so awesome to be able to meet these people in person.  I was most intrigued by these dogs and their stories.  I will be sharing more of my trip...


  1. It's always great to meet people you know via the interwebs... Saluki's are marvellous dogs, not that many of them here but the ones I have met have been very cute and sweet!

  2. I can't wait to hear more! I missed getting to Elaine's last year at Dewey, which I regretted because I was interested in checking out her product. With your glowing recommendation, I just need to order one of her beds and give it a try. I love the idea that everything is washable.

  3. We want to hear more about the Salukis!! That bed looks ever so posh. Like lying on a bunch of smooshy minks!

  4. I love Salukis but we never see them except in the show ring here. How awesome to meet someone in person from the cyberworld! Sadie's pet pillow looks pretty cool. Anything nice here is soon trashed so my lot make do with stuff from the Op shop.

  5. So glad the hotel understands how great the Grey's are!

  6. Hello from St. Louis!! Great pictures!