Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunday was a special day here.  My foster, Hannah, turned 10 years old.  She is a super sweet girl and even though she doesn't have her own family yet, I wanted to do something special for her.  When I put the community birthday hat on her, she freaked out.  I finally was able to lay it gently on her head and snap this picture.

My daughter and I were in Indianapolis for a family baby shower and we decided to find a dog bakery.  She got on her i-phone and found a place on the southside.  We get there and they are closed.  That city has grown by leaps and bounds since we moved away 25 years ago, so I thought maybe they would have a Three Dog Bakery by now. They do!  Off we went on an adventure.  So many choices, but I decided on the cupcakes.  I bought 4 because Miss Felicia was staying with us too.  But her momma had already picked her up before we got home.  I would love to open a store like this someday!

Hannah, the birthday girl looks like she is saying "give me my treat!"

Tom very gently took his cupcake from me.  Such a sweet boy.

Sadie couldn't be bothered by getting up from her bed to get her treat.  Sheesh, what a life!


  1. How sweet that they all got such a special treat! I know they enjoyed it. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

  2. Happy Birthday Hannah! I bet it was her best birthday yet.

  3. Happy Bday, sweet girl. Don't worry, hats aren't for everyone.

  4. Looks like Hannah had a lovely birthday:) The cupcakes look good enough for people to eat ... are they? Beryl doesn't like wearing a birthday hat either.

  5. My niece works at Three Dog Bakery on the northside though!

  6. We don't have any dog bakeries here in Western Australia. I make the dogs cookies but thy have never had specially made cupcakes!

    I think a dog bakery would do well here actually, as long as it had some great marketing.