Monday, June 20, 2011

Silly Rabbits

More like stupid rabbits! Came home from a nice fathers day cookout at my daughter's house last night. Let the hounds out. Then there is Sadie running like the wind and I see the rabbit running for its life. Dumb bunny isn't as fast as the dog. So for those of you whose dogs have caught the rabbit, you know the scream. Sadie stops and drops the rabbit, then chases it again. Catches it again. I finally get her to bring it to me, get her collar and she drops it. He takes off and tries to get out of the yard only to get his head stuck in the fence. Finally with a little coaxing dumb bunny escapes the yard. He had a scratch on his head from the fence. Sad thing is he will probably be back in the yard today. Meanwhile, Tom who is Mr. Laidback, is standing there taking a pee! Never even knew what was going on. Sadie is totally exhausted from her rabbit chasing tonight.


  1. Ha ha ha! I thought the world's stupidest rabbits lived here, but I think you have us beat! At least you didn't have to do any rabbit clean up detail.

  2. Good grief. I doubt it would have been given the chance to come back again if it had been here! Sadie must be very gentle. It's actually a wonder it didn't die of shock. I know rabbits can do that.