Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buddy Update

Well, it seems Buddy developed an infection. The incision was being held closed by suture adhesive and the infection was causing it to come open. The problem was on the left side where they had to do the most repair. The right side has healed up and looks really good. So, last Friday the vet went back in and closed it up with staples. They did a culture and wound up changing his anti-biotics. He is now on Zeniquin and it is about $10 a pill. Man, I hope that stuff works!

He still can't come back here until he gets his staples removed and goes back to Louisville for a recheck. Meanwhile, he is about 30 minutes from here. It seems he is being such a good sport and is tolerating spending much of his time in his kennel. The lady who is taking care of him said he wanted to lay out in the yard in the sun. She grabbed her lawn chair cushion and laid there with him. The things we do for these hounds! I feel bad for him because he loves to be outside. But, to get him healed up, he has to remain clam. No stairs, no furniture and no running.

I kept thinking he would be coming back any day now. But in all reality, it will probably be next week. So, I am going to visit Buddy tomorrow. I miss that big ole goofy boy!


  1. Sorry there is an infection. I send Buddy my most positive thoughts for a quick healing

  2. Aww, poor guy! I hope he gets to come back to you soon!