Wednesday, May 4, 2016

P Kay Dot

P Kay Dot came up on the haul with Eileen in January.  She was the only dog kenneled at her first foster home and she kept escaping.  I was asked to bring her here since Sadie is kenneled too and see if we could get her to like her kennel again.  So on February 18, 2016 we welcomed foster #31.
Dot, Dot-Dot, Dottie and Dot's McStuffin were just a few of her names.  I don't know about you, but dogs here always seem to get a few nick names.  When fostering, we aren't supposed to change their name.  Sometimes their names just kind of morph into other things, while not straying far from their real name.
 Dot was a tiny little thing.  She loves people and would just come stand in your lap for attention.  Gorgeous dark brindle girl with a black face, she will turn 3 in June.
We were heading to Florida the first part of April.  On April 2nd Dot went to Starfire's (former foster) house for a sleepover.  Well...turns out that Miss Dot worked her magic and they couldn't resist and they adopted her.  Starfire is already doing obedience class in hopes of becoming a therapy dog, so Miss Dot will joint him in class.  Super happy for Miss Dot, couldn't ask for a better home!

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