Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fly Rajiv Maragh

It was September 11, 2015 and the night before our annual Greyt Fest that foster Raj arrived.  The gals from GPA Emerald Coast were vending at our event, so Raj hitched a ride with them.  Note to self:  Don't agree to get a new foster the night before a big event that you are working.

Raj has been a total joy.  As with our previous foster Starfire, Raj had a decent racing career and was 4 1/2 when he ran his last race in May.  Something I noticed with these last two boys, they have been two of the easiest fosters I've ever had!

Raj posing for the camera shortly after he arrived in Indiana. 
Some of Raj's endearing traits, he loves to try to climb in your lap!  This is great, except those darn elbows of his are killer!  He climbs up and lays his head on your shoulder.  He's also got those eyes that just melt you.  He also was a lead roo-er.  I've never had a greyhound that loved to roo.  He had everyone hear going.  Well except Sadie, only dogs roo and she certainly isn't a dog.  It was getting harder and harder to think of him leaving again.

Back in October, Raj went to a home as a foster with intent to adopt.  It didn't quite work out, so he came back here.  Shortly before Christmas I heard that Raj had someone that was interested in him.  I was super excited as his birthday was December 29th.  Could I do it again?  Get my foster adopted for his birthday?  Well, Raj went to Louisville on the 27th and I just found out that she is keeping him!  This will be his perfect home.

I don't know if it's my age or what, but these past two fosters have been killer to let go.  I was actually starting to try to figure out how we could have four dogs permanently.

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  1. Ahhh... he is a cutie! I am sure it was hard to let him go, but I am glad he found his forever home.