Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Hound Time

Tomorrow I am leaving with the President of our group to go pick up at least 5 dogs.  Driving to Pensacola, Florida on Friday.  Do a little visiting with friends that we've made there and pick up the hounds.  Leave to come back home on Sunday.  I will be bringing a new foster back to my house as we have 5 families approved at this time.  Of course, none of the dogs we have will work for any of these families.

Is this time of year usually busy for adoption groups?  Reason I ask is because for just about as long as I can remember, we are doing a hound haul around this time.  More than once I was away on Dixie's birthday.  I knew she would forgive me because we were getting more hounds to their couches! 

Tuesday was a bittersweet day for me.  Dixie would have been 12 years old.  She and one of her littermates have both been taken by the damn Osteo.  I sure hope to see a cure in my lifetime.  This picture was taken of Dixie on her first Christmas with us.   I miss her everyday.
Hannah, my sweet foster.  It is definite, she is getting a forever home.  Not with me.  She is going north.  I was so close to just saying leave her with us, but someone evidently needs her more.  Out of the 23 fosters that I have had, I can say this one will be the hardest to let go.  Every since I heard the news, I have cried at least once a day.  I know it's best for her.  Some are just harder to let go than others.  This family specifically wants a senior, which makes my heart happy.  I know she will be loved.  She will make her move on September 8th, unless a GUR is set up sooner. 


  1. Anniversaries are hard. I hope that giving up Hannah is not too hard on you. I don't think I could do it. I have never fostered, but it is such a wonderful thing to do. I have kept in touch with Jack and Scout's foster moms. They gave them a good start.

  2. Those anniversaries are hard! I am so happy for Hannah. I had a few that were tough to let go, too!

    Bunny wants to know if anybody at your house will be modeling their new H4H collar on the blog. ;) We still don't have ours. *sigh*

  3. You never stop missing them. We have a haul coming up at the beginning of the month. I think we have been averaging a 4-6 dog haul per month this year.

  4. We have had a blockbuster year for adoptions but lately it has slowed a little.
    Cancer sucks..period.