Sunday, March 4, 2012

Husker Hannah

Meet Hannah. Husker Hannah that is. She came to stay with us Thursday (3-1). This isn't the best picture, I know. As you can see it didn't take her long to get comfy. This was taken about 30 minutes after her arrival.

Hannah is kind of pittiful. She was a super good racer and then a brood mom. So now it's her turn to be spoiled. She has already lost a lot of her teeth and is still really skinny. Kind of a nervous girl and absolutely hates the stairs here.

Story is that she was on the hauler to go to the east coast. When they stopped to put more dogs in the hauler, they noticed she was super stressed. They contacted the group she was supposed to go to and explained the situation and decided it was best she stay behind. When she was brought up north, she got to ride in a van. She still wasn't too crazy about the ride, but she fared much better than in the hauler.

Hannah was in another foster home with several other greyhounds and other dogs. She does great with the cats. She is, however, a little protective of her space. She loves attention and is such a sweet girl.


  1. What a sweet face..I hope she finds her forever home! How old is she? I am a little protective of my space too, so I don't blame her. ;-)

  2. Hannah is 8 years old. A mature girl for sure!

  3. Hopefully she'll settle in and used to the retired life. She definitely deserves it.

  4. She looks very sweet. I'm glad she was too stressed for the trip - lucky for her that she gets to be with you!

  5. Aww! What a sweet little lady! I hope she finds the perfect home soon!