Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Brett

This week marks the passing of my beloved Big Brett. It has been four years. I can't believe it has been that long. He was my special boy. My first attempt at fostering. Yep, I'm proud to say, I failed.

A little history on Brett. I first met Brett at a meet and greet. The president had just picked him up from his owners. They returned him because he kept peeing on the diaper bag and getting dirty diapers out of the trash can. Lame. He walked by me and I really didn't give him much attention.

About a week later, I get a call that the foster home where he is needs some room. I thought, how hard can this be? Little did I know. He walked in that front door and never left. He was asleep on the floor before the lady every got back out the door. A perfect gentleman. My shadow.

He was a fair complected dog, but loved the sun anyway! Brett was kind of a sad story. Not only had he been returned once, but three times. Well, I made up my mind, he would not be returned again! He was a one in a million dog. We lost Brett very unexpectedly. I was devastated. He was my BooBear. For so long I was angry at the people for returning him. But I finally realized, that he was meant to be mine all along. Run free my buddy, I miss you!


  1. I'm glad you gave him the forever home he deserved...they leave us too soon, don't they?..if only they could live forever.

  2. Guess he took the long way into your home and heart. His coloring reminds me of my Lucas, who we suddenly lost about 4 years ago too. If he stayed in the sun too long, his bare rump would get red.

  3. This is why I won't foster, I'm sure I'd fail first time! So wonderful that you gave Brett his forever home and he repaid you in full:)

  4. They leave their paw print on our hearts don't they!
    Karen & the Hounds

  5. They always stay in our hearts! We lost our first greyhound a little over a year ago - also very suddenly :( So glad you were able to give Brett such a wonderful home! It always amazes how some people can return dogs so easily?!