Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sweet Sadie

I thought I should give my own dog equal time. Every chance she gets, she jumps up and steals my chair. Sadie will be 8 in November, but being mostly black, she is greying pretty quick. She has her nose a bit out of joint (and kind of looks like it in this picture) with our visitor Felicia here. Felicia will be leaving in a couple of days and I will miss her so. I really want her to stay, but her family loves her too!


  1. Oh, Beryl doesn't appreciate Greyhound visitors either. Males are OK but if we have a female visit (and I'm talking hours here, not days!) I get the stink eye until they've left. Sadie does look a little put out about things. I hope she recovers as soon as Felicia leaves!

  2. She looks so sweet. I hope she feels better after Felicia leaves.