Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Tom Sawyer!

This Wednesday we celebrated our KD Tom Sawyer's birthday. Actually he turned 11 years old on Thursday, but I had to work, so we had our party a little early. We never really had a birthday party before, but with last years events, we decided that we would not take any birthday for granted again! So here's some pictures from our celebration!

Don't let that face fool you! He loved he hat!!!

Although, he was a little exhausted from all the excitement...

He finally decided to get up and eat his cake! Happy birthday my silly goofy boy, you have come a long way in 7 years!


  1. Oh he looks so cute in that hat!!
    Happy Birthday KD Tom Sawyer

  2. I must say, he really suits the lime green:) Glad you shared some photos of KD Tom Sawyers birthday party.

  3. Happy 11th Birthday Tom Sawyer! Your cake looks yummy.

  4. Love the hat. :) Happy birthday, Tom Sawyer!

  5. Yes! Every birthday is a cause for celebration. I loved the hats!