Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have A Greyt Day!

Sadie is in her favorite spot. The couch, of course! My furniture has kind of seen better days and I would love to have something new. I am thinking about leather. Any of you out there have leather? And cats???


  1. I don't have leather, but I really want a leather couch! Then again, I just saw my sister in law's that's a few years old, and I started rethinking it. It hasn't worn well.

  2. No, I don't have a leather sofa, but I love leather. I do have a leather chair that has held up like a champ, and we bought another one a few years ago that is more distressed looking. Look at this way, Michelle, scratches on leather give it character. You look at things that Ralph Lauren does, and his leather pieces look very distressed. The trick is to decorate the rest of the room that way and make it look like you meant it to be that way from the get go. LOL! ;-)

  3. I would love a leather sofa. Only took my gang three years to go through the fabric on our new couch.

    You have some beautiful hounds.