Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Visit

Today was a good day. I got to go visit with my Buddy Boy, now known as Peyton. Buddy got adopted last October and now lives in Louisville. My friend, who happens to be friends with Buddy's new momma, was heading that way to meet with a pet communicator. So I hitched a ride!

I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, I hadn't seen my Buddy Boy since October. I had my plan. Walk in, don't speak and see if he notices me. Well, he did!!! He missed me!!! Buddy just about knocked me over he was so excited. We got to bond. He laid beside me on the floor and I got to smother him with love and attention. He was so cute though. He kept going over to his new momma like he was saying "I didn't forget you, you are still my momma". Man I miss that dog.

It is a rare opportunity that you get to see a previous foster in their new home. I was very lucky. Lucky to be a part of his life. Lucky to see that he did remember me. Lucky to see how much he is loved in his new home. Today was probably one of the most rewarding days in my "foster mom" history.


  1. It's a great feeling when a foster remembers you. It's like they know they wouldn't be where they are now without you.

  2. I've run into a few former fosters, and it's always a great feeling! I'm so glad you got to see him so happy and content!

  3. So sweet! I wonder if he thought you were taking him home with you,

  4. Very cool! I love seeing my former fosters in their happy forever homes. :)