Wednesday, May 4, 2016

P Kay Dot

P Kay Dot came up on the haul with Eileen in January.  She was the only dog kenneled at her first foster home and she kept escaping.  I was asked to bring her here since Sadie is kenneled too and see if we could get her to like her kennel again.  So on February 18, 2016 we welcomed foster #31.
Dot, Dot-Dot, Dottie and Dot's McStuffin were just a few of her names.  I don't know about you, but dogs here always seem to get a few nick names.  When fostering, we aren't supposed to change their name.  Sometimes their names just kind of morph into other things, while not straying far from their real name.
 Dot was a tiny little thing.  She loves people and would just come stand in your lap for attention.  Gorgeous dark brindle girl with a black face, she will turn 3 in June.
We were heading to Florida the first part of April.  On April 2nd Dot went to Starfire's (former foster) house for a sleepover.  Well...turns out that Miss Dot worked her magic and they couldn't resist and they adopted her.  Starfire is already doing obedience class in hopes of becoming a therapy dog, so Miss Dot will joint him in class.  Super happy for Miss Dot, couldn't ask for a better home!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

CRT Eileen

Meet Eileen, racing name CRT Eileen.  Arriving this past Saturday January 16th after her whirlwind five state tour, she is now getting acclimated to the frozen tundra that is Indiana.  
 Eileen is a tiny little peanut of a girl and surprisingly weighs about 58 pounds.  This girl is super sweet (arent' they all) and has a curly tail, which I have not been able to catch on camera.
Eileen is settling in well and enjoying retirement.  She's a good eater, doing a great job on the stairs and learning to live with the resident cat.  Welcome foster number 30!

***Edited to add the Miss Eileen went to a potential home on February 11, 2016.  They fell for this sweet girl and her adoption was finalized.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Remembering Friends

While preparing for my foster who is scheduled to arrive this weekend, I was reviewing the names in my notebook.  In 2015 three of my former fosters passed away.  If they are with me 12 days or 12 months, they still take a piece of my heart when they pass.

Wacky Patti, my sweet shy foster girl.  She passed away in July 2015.  She moved about an hour away, but I always got to see her at our Greyt Fest and Christmas parties.  In April her family was going on vacationm so the person who was caring for her was going to meet here to pick her up.  I am so glad that I got to see her again before she passed.  She had a wonky ear and that bunny-soft fur.  Patti made it to the age of 13.

Ulrick.  I always referred to him as the Eeyore of greyhounds.  He was the sweetest boy, but always had kind of a forlorn look on his face.  In the fall of 2014 he suffered some type of neurologic event that left him unable to walk for several weeks.  It took a while, but he was able to walk again and recovered well.  A little remnant of his episode was the cutest little gimp and slight head tilt that made him even more adorable.  The vets weren't sure what took Ulrick from us, but at 9 years of age, he was way too young.

Peyton, formerly known as Beagle Buddy.  This one folks ripped my heart in two.  Buddy, who will always be my Buddy Boy, was here for almost a year as a foster.  Even though he moved a couple of hours away, I was lucky enough to get to see him several times a year.  I never had to speak a word to him, he always knew I was there.  Now don't get me wrong, he adored his momma, but he and I had a special bond.  He would come to me and then look to his mom like he was asking for her approval to come see me.  Making his passing even harder was the fact that his mom passed away a few months before his diagnosis of osteo.  I will never forget the message I received on July 3rd telling me he had bone cancer.  I broke down and sobbed.  So unfair.  His dad chose to keep him comfortable and when he could no longer do that, he set him free.  He passed away on August 31, 2015 at the age of 9.

Fly free my sweet angels until we meet again.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Fly Rajiv Maragh

It was September 11, 2015 and the night before our annual Greyt Fest that foster Raj arrived.  The gals from GPA Emerald Coast were vending at our event, so Raj hitched a ride with them.  Note to self:  Don't agree to get a new foster the night before a big event that you are working.

Raj has been a total joy.  As with our previous foster Starfire, Raj had a decent racing career and was 4 1/2 when he ran his last race in May.  Something I noticed with these last two boys, they have been two of the easiest fosters I've ever had!

Raj posing for the camera shortly after he arrived in Indiana. 
Some of Raj's endearing traits, he loves to try to climb in your lap!  This is great, except those darn elbows of his are killer!  He climbs up and lays his head on your shoulder.  He's also got those eyes that just melt you.  He also was a lead roo-er.  I've never had a greyhound that loved to roo.  He had everyone hear going.  Well except Sadie, only dogs roo and she certainly isn't a dog.  It was getting harder and harder to think of him leaving again.

Back in October, Raj went to a home as a foster with intent to adopt.  It didn't quite work out, so he came back here.  Shortly before Christmas I heard that Raj had someone that was interested in him.  I was super excited as his birthday was December 29th.  Could I do it again?  Get my foster adopted for his birthday?  Well, Raj went to Louisville on the 27th and I just found out that she is keeping him!  This will be his perfect home.

I don't know if it's my age or what, but these past two fosters have been killer to let go.  I was actually starting to try to figure out how we could have four dogs permanently.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Make A Wish...

And it just might come true!  Since February 7th, my wish was for Starfire to find a home for his birthday.  Well, last Friday. on his 5th birthday it happened.  VJ Starfire was adopted. These pictures were taken in the obligatory birthday hat here on Friday morning.  I miss him like crazy, but I'm glad he has his forever home!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tom's Anise Star

Today, I would like to share a little story with my friends...

On February 18. 2014 I was reflecting on my boy Tom.  It had been one year since he left me.  Out of the blue, I got a facebook message from a friend asking if I was home, she needed to talk to me.  When I answered the phone, she said she had a surprise for me.  This opportunity was for someone who she thought was special to her and asked if I was interested in naming a racing pup.  I fought back the tears and had this huge lump in my throat.  I said I would be honored.

So the waiting game began.  On July 4, 2014 I received an email with the subject line "naming the greyhounds...hope you are in town".    The content of the message was this "Black female..16 letter or spaces.  First choice,2nd and 3rd. If you use greyhound data check to insure the names have not been used in the last 10 years.Call me with any questions..need ASAP."  

I was frantic, how would I ever decide on a name?  And to come up with three choices.  Plus I would need to choose a call name.  I called on a few facebook friends to help me brainstorm on this project.  Most important in this decision, the name would somehow honor my Tom since I received the call on the anniversary of his passing. 

First thing that popped into my head, licorice.  Wow, how original was that?  Did a little research and came up with anise, which some manufacturers add to candy to give it a licorice-like flavor.  Second in my thinking was Tom's legacy.  Thirdly, I remembered how Tom loved his lady-dog friends.  So after much trial and error I came up with the following:

  1. Tom's Anise Star Call name Star
  2. Tom's Legacy Call name Lacey
  3. Tom's Shady Lady Call name Shala
About two months passed when I received the email wanting my address so I could receive a copy of the NGA sheet and that my first choice of name was chosen.  The NGA sheet was the next best thing to an actual photograph.  It showed her white spots and I at least had a visual in my head of what Star looked like.  Shortly after that, I checked greyhound data, and there she was!  

The next step to follow her racing career was to check out track info.  There I registered for an account so I could set up a virtual kennel.  I found the names of the other litter mates and placed their names in my virtual kennel.  Once you place a dog's name in your virtual kennel, you will receive e-mail notifications of upcoming races.  You will also receive an email telling you the results of the races.  

December 5, 2014 I received that email saying "The following greyhounds from your watchlist are entered in races: Tom's Anise Star, Naples, 12/05/2014, T, race 2, post #7."  Oh my gosh, her first official race.  I was nervous and excited.  I couldn't watch, how could I?  What if she stumbled?  Fell?  I have only seen one other race in my life and it was from the gift shop at Ebro.  After I find out the race is over and she finished, then I could watch the replay.  

Through the power of Facebook, I was able to connect with Vera Rasnake.  Her partner runs the Oxbow-Trow kennel which Star races for.  She sends me pictures and updates from time to time.  She also sent me a racing program from a race which she won.   
This tail is something else.  When you watch the replays, sometimes it's up there in the air like a rudder!
I am enjoying following this girl and her career.  It's been a learning experience figuring all this racing stuff out.  The one thing I have learned is that there are some awful nice folks in the racing industry.  They are responsible for bringing us the awesome pets we have when they retire to our couches.  

Today is Star's second birthday and she is racing in the 12th race at Flagler this afternoon.  I sent a special treat for her and I'm looking forward to getting a picture of the birthday girl.  Fast and safe sweetheart!